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Optima DDOS 10a botnet leaked on Hacker Forums(r00tW0rm)

"Optima DDOS 10a Botnet" full version is available to download in Hacker forums.

In this new version 10a according to the author was raised in secrecy bot system and optimized grabber passwords. It cost about $ 600 worth.

Features a bot:
  • DDoS attacks of three types - http flood, icmp-flood, syn-flood.
  • Theft of stored passwords from some applications installed on the victim's system, details below.
  • Opening on the infected system proxy Socks5.
  • The possibility of cheating various counters on the websites (http-access the sites).
  • Hidden download and run the specified file to the affected systems.
  • Installed in the system as a service
  • Weight bot - 95.5 kb, written in Delphi.
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