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Hash Code Cracker V 1.2 Released ~PenTesting Tool from BreakTheSecurity

BreakTheSecurity is proud to release the Hash Code Cracker Version 1.2.  Our latest release supports Online Cracking function.


This password cracker is developed for PenTesters and Ethical hackers. Please Use this software for legal purposes(Testing the Password Strength).

  • This software will crack the MD5, SHA1,NTLM(Windows Password) hash codes.
  • No need to install.
  •  Supports All platforms(windows XP/7,Linux,..).
V1.2 Changelog :
  • Included Online cracking Support

Minimum Requirements:
  • Java Runtime Environment: JRE 1.6 should be installed.(you can get it from

How to Run the Application?
Download the .zip file and extract.
Extract the zip file.
Open the Terminal or command prompt.
Navigate to the path of Extracted zip file (i mean HashCodeCracker Folder) in Terminal/CMD.
Type this command "java -jar HashCodeCracker.jar".
Now the application will run.

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