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Hacker Called to Boston Police and claimed he hacked their site because he was bored

Antisec Hackers hacked a number of U.S websites to support Occupy. One of Victim is Boston Police Patrolmen's Association (BPPA). The hackers leaked the a thousand usernames and passwords. In addition, the AntiSec movement claimed in an online press release to be publishing more than 600MB of data stolen from the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) website, including names and addresses, passwords and internal documents.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers for police officers in Alabama have also been exposed, and a contact database associated with employees and clients of the internet company Matrix Group made public.

A Hacker called to Boston Police through Skype and Claimed he hacked their site because he was bored. Here is the part of conversation between caller and Police:
Caller: Your website has been defaced.

Police official: Yes, we're in the process of uh.. investigating it, but apparently someone hacked into our website, but we've..

Caller: Yeah that was me.

Police official: .. shut the website down at this time.

Caller: The person who did it was me.

Police official: You hacked into the website?

Caller: Yes sir.

Police official: Would you like to tell me why you did it?

Caller: AntiSec.

Police official: Is there a particular reason that you did it? Are you trying to prove a point? Or are you just picking on for us any particular reason? What's the problem?

Caller: Just got a bit bored, y'know.

Police official: I can't hear you sir.

Caller: I said, I said I got a bit bored.

Police official: You got a bit bored?

Caller: Yeah.

Police official: That's fine. Alright, well.. perhaps I can break your boredom if we can trace you back and come and put you in jail, we'll get a warrant for you - how's that?

Caller:Well, I'm not in America.

Police official: That's okay. That's alright. It doesn't make any difference where you're at.

Caller:So you're gonna [laughs] come and get me?

Police official: I'm gonna get on a plane in the next few minutes and head that way, start looking for you somewhere.

Caller:Bring it on.

The Boston Police department has asked all personnel to reset their passwords, and says that it is launching a full investigation into the reported incidents

Meanwhile, the IACP website is still unavailable - clearly the site's administrators were more comfortable with visitors seeing a holding page than the defaced version which included an anti-police rap video.

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