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Linux Foundation Websites(, Hacked ~Security Breach

Shocking News for those who think Linux is secure.  Yes, the websites belonging to Linux Foundation are under attack of Hackers.  Hackers breached, and yesterday.

The sites have been taken down with a notice put up stating that the sites are down for maintenance due to a security breach. The breach was said to have been discovered on the 8th of September, this year.

Last month Security breach hit (Intruders gained root access on the server Hera...)

The notice also cautions users that any passwords that might have been used on any of the services might have been compromised. If those same passwords were used on any other services, it’s recommended that they be changed.

The site is still down for maintenance. 

The Message from Linux Foundation:
When i try to visit the , i got this:
Linux Foundation infrastructure including,, and their subdomains are down for maintenance due to a security breach that was discovered on September 8, 2011. The Linux Foundation made this decision in the interest of extreme caution and security best practices. We believe this breach was connected to the intrusion on

We are in the process of restoring services in a secure manner as quickly as possible. As with any intrusion and as a matter of caution, you should consider the passwords and SSH keys that you have used on these sites compromised. If you have reused these passwords on other sites, please change them immediately. We are currently auditing all systems and will update this statement when we have more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are taking this matter seriously and appreciate your patience. The Linux Foundation infrastructure houses a variety of services and programs including, Open Printing, Linux Mark, Linux Foundation events and others, but does not include the Linux kernel or its code repositories.

Please contact us at with questions about this matter.

The Linux Foundation
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, the victim of the attack is critical to the Linux movement as it houses the Linux kernel itself. The servers are being completely reinstalled from scratch. There was some fear that hackers might have modified the code of the kernel. has made it clear that this isn’t the case. Each of the code files are hash verified, so no alteration can go unnoticed. A check will be done to ensure that no changes have been made.

The news of this hacking might come as a surprise to some, as it’s popular belief that sites running on Linux are almost impossible to hack.
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