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BMW virus ~A New BIOS based virus discovered by Chinese Antivirus Firm

A Chinese Antivirus Firm 360 discovered a new Trojan BMW Virus that infects BIOS(motherboard chip program) and MBR(Master Boot drive)  Formatting full hard disk or installing New OS won't help you in anyway because BIOS is firmware that resides inside motherboard chip, it will work without the Hard disk.  This new virus infects BIOS so how can the formatting hard disk will help?

Virus transmission
Tied the game plug-in, tricking users to turn off security software attacks.

Phenomenon of virus move

One, Windows system before the start of the computer screen "Find it OK!" Words;
Second, anti-virus software again prompts "Hard disk boot sector virus" is not completely clear;
Third, the browser home page was altered to

Technical Analysis for the BMW virus :
BMW virus body is divided into BIOS, MBR and Windows of three parts, attack the process as shown below:

Prevention and Virus Removal
If you are one of 360 users , Your system is protected against BMW virus, it can not be infected with the motherboard BIOS chip and hard disk MBR;

If you turn off the computer security software for BMW has been infected. You can download 360 "BMW virus Zhuanshagongju" BIOS can detect the virus and prevent the virus code is written back to MBR, and then with 360 first aid kit to repair the system, can effectively prevent Such recurrent virus.
They explained in the above page clearly how to remove the virus.
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