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NUEDC( hacked and defaced by Cyb3rSeC Crew ~Database Leaked

Cyb3rSeC Crew  hacked National University English Debating Championship website( and defaced the site.  They also leaked the full database in pastebin.   The leak contains information about staffs. 

Hacker Message:

A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 404:0AE0C6F0 in VML UMM(03) + 1AE0C600. "Air Kencing" was found.

Be no worry, This is do not cause any harm to your system, nor changing your content, this action will now be terminated.

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* Contact FBI to report this error and to get
further info.
* Thanks: - Cyb3rSec Crew - Newbie3vilC0d3r - M4tr1xCh40s Cr3w - Malaysian Crew -

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why so serious?

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Pastebin Leak:
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Database Leaked

Defaced Website

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