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Facebook DNS information exposed by Srilanka Anonymous ~ DNS rooted

This week, Anonymous SriLanka is busy with leaking the DNS information ,They leaked the DNS information of RED hat, SUSE,Microsoft...etc .This time Facebook.  Facebook DNS information exposed by srilanka Anonymous.

Hackers Message:

Yo Facebook Assholes - If you want to run a Social Network - do it as it is as a real guys. Don't try be smart asses. You are the most stupid and notorious fuckheads ever. The way you control and treat to your members are not acceptable under any circumstances.

But we don't care who you are and what you do. Do not BLOCK the people and do not CONTROL them. Where is your fucking FREEDOM or the SOCIALISM. Censorship = Freedom (Don't try to change the meaning of the wordings). Let the people have their own freedom on the social networks. This is hack against your fuckhead censorship.

DNS information Leak:
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