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CSLSecurity website Hacked by TeaMp0isoN~Hackers hacked by Hackers

Cslsecurity is defaced by TeaMp0isoN. CSLSecurity is one of hackers group. They claim to be "New Lulsec "group.
Hackers group hacked by hackers group.

Hackers(TeaMp0isoN) to hackers(CSLSecurity):
CSLSecurity = Cant Stop Laughing Security?..... oh the irony... DDoSing Random Sites does _NOT_ make you hackers.
TeaMp0isoN: TriCk -iN^SaNe - Hex00010 - MLT - C0RPS3 - BlackHacker -
4ll j00r sh1t r b3l0ng t0 u5! - w4tch 0ut f0r TeaMp0isoN Issue3, CSLSecurity will be f34tur3d!

hacked website:
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