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Trojan attempts to trick victims into transfering funds

A new banking trojan that attempts to lure the victim into transferring funds to the cyber-criminals' accounts. Once the malware infects a system, it waits until the victim logs into his bank account.

Then it shows a fake message stating that a credit has been made to his account by mistake and gives a warning that the account will be frozen until the errant payment is transferred back.

To make the ploy more plausible, the malware modifies the amount displayed in his browser when he tried to view his account balance.  So unwitting users believe the message is true.

"The malware presents an already filled-in online transfer form — with the account and routing numbers for a bank account the attacker controls." security blogger Brian Krebs said.

The German Federal Crime Police warned the consumers about the scam. It is unclear how many have fallen victim to the scam.
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