Update your Adobe flash player to stay safe

Few days after Microsoft published a security advisory about a new critical security bug in IE that is being used in limited and targeted attacks, Adobe has issued an emergency security update to fix a critical vulnerability(CVE-2014-0515) in flash player.

Please note that it is completely unrelated to IE Exploit in which bug was in IE and the flash file(.swf) used for making the attack successful.  But, in this case, the bug exists in the flash player plugin. 

So, people who use vulnerable version of Adobe Flash player likely to be vulnerable to this attack.

If you are using windows or Mac, make sure you have the latest flash player version  If you are using Linux, make sure to update to the latest version

This new zero-day flash exploit was spotted as being used in Watering-hole attacks by researchers at Kaspersky Labs in early April.

According to SecureList, this flash exploit spread from a Syrian Justice Ministry website(jpic.gov.sy).  Researchers believe the attack was designed to compromise the computers of Syrian dissidents complaining about the government.

New Zero-day vulnerability affects all IE Versions from 6 to 11

A new Zero-day vulnerability in the Internet Explorer impacts all IE Versions from 6 to 11 and is being exploited in limited and targeted attacks. The worst part is there is no patch.

The zero-day exploit have been Dubbed as "Operation Clandestine Fox" by FireEye, is currently targeting only users of Internet explorer 9 through IE11.

To get infected by malware, user don't need to open a suspicious email attachments.  A simple visit to malicious webpage loaded with this IE exploit code will deliver the malware into your system.

According to FireEye report, the exploit page loads a malicious flash file(.swf) that calls javascript in IE to trigger the IE vulnerability.  The reason why attackers used the flash file is to make the attack successful bypassing the ASLR and DEP Protections.

What do you can do to protect yourself?
Microsoft didn't mention when it is going to release the patch. But, it has issued few workarounds for IE users.

One of them is to use the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit(EMET), a free software from Microsoft that will help in mitigating the exploitation of vulnerabilities by adding additional protection layers.

Micorosof also suggested few other workarounds such as disabling IE extension VGX.dll by entering the following command in cmd:
"%SystemRoot%\System32\regsvr32.exe" -u "%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\VGX\vgx.dll" 

New IE Zero-day vulnerability exploited in the wild, infects with malware

New Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerabilities are currently being exploited in the wild in Watering Hole Attack, infects the visitors of malicious websites with malware, Security researchers at FireEye Labs warn.
One of the vulnerability is an Information leakage that affects windows IE8 in Windows XP and IE9 in windows 7.  The exploit sends timestamp retrieved from the PE headers of msvcrt.dll" which is being used for choosing exploit.

The second one is memory access vulnerability designed to work on IE 7 and 8 in Windows XP, and Windows 7.  The researchers also discovered the vulnerability affects IE 7,8, 9 and 10.

After successful exploitation, he shellcode used in the exploit launches rundll3d.exe and inject malicious code.  The malicious code then downloads and runs malware file from attacker's server.

Almost Half of Tor sites compromised by FBI [Exclusive details]

As many of you might know the US has been pushing for the extradition of Eric Eoin Marques who an FBI agent has called as "the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet."

But most of you might not know that he is also the owner of "freedom hosting" the largest hosting provider for .onion sites within the TOR network . This means that all the sites hosted by "freedom hosting" are at the hands of the FBI. As you can see from the above linked article freedom hosting has been accused of hosting child pornography for a very long time.

I also have a fair idea on how the FBI did the "impossible", tracing a person who is using Tor.And they further might have found details on all the people visiting sites hosted by freedom hosting. First have a look at what a person posted on pastebin on Aug 3rd http://pastebin.com/pmGEj9bV he says he found this code in the main page of "freedom host" this further links to this exploit http://pastebin.mozilla.org/2776374 .

This is my analysis of the exploit ( I have not looked into it deeply as I am busy with my exams)
1. It is a 0 day for the Firefox version that comes as default with the "TOR Browser Bundle"
2. The code says "version >=17 && version <18" checks if the browser is the right version that the exploit works on .

It also has an another check
var i = navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT");
        if (i != -1)
                return true;
        return false;

3.It also manages to gather the Real IP of the user and possibly execute a malicious payload that might give the attacker full access to the system.
4. This exploits works because the people at TOR project had made it such that Javascript is loaded by the built in browser by default (this was not the case before and people who had their "no script" plugin with proper setting "disallowed" are safe)
5.Please note that is NOT a zero day for the TOR network but rather an exploit for the Firefox version that most TOR users are running.

Tor's official reply: https://blog.torproject.org/blog/hidden-services-current-events-and-freedom-hosting

Though the action's done by the FBI to take down child pornography in the TOR network is appreciated by all of us, many of the legitimate sites hosted by freedom hosting are also down .They should make sure that what they do does not kill the freedom and anonymity that the TOR network stands for.

Edit 1: Here are a few other deeper analysis I found --> http://pastebin.mozilla.org/2777139 , http://tsyrklevich.net/tbb_payload.txt

PS: If you have anything more that you would like to be added to this article or any corrections you can contact me on Twitter https://twitter.com/SuriyaMe 

Ichitaro zero-day Vulnerability exploited in the wild, targets Japan users

JustSystems Corporation, the developer of one of the top Japanese word processor Ichitaro, announced that Arbitrary code execution vulnerbility in Ichitaro is being exploited in the wild.

When an user open a malicious document that exploits this vulnerability, the malware will be dropped in the victim's machine. The malware can delete your data , warns JustSystems.

In a report, Symantec said they have seen the exploitation in the wild since mid-January. The attack targets Japan users.

Malicious Attachment - Image Credits:Symantec
According to their report, the attack starts with an archive file contains the following files: A clean Ichitaro document (.jtd file), A modified JSMISC32.DLL file with a hidden attribute, A malicious DLL file with a hidden attribute and a .jtd file extension.

When the .jtd document is opened on a vulnerable computer, it executes the modified JSMISC32.DLL that further launches the malicious DLL file with the .jtd file extension.

Ichitaro users are advised to download and apply the patch from JustSystems, to protect against this exploit.