Peruvian local news website NetLima hacked by Venezuelan Hackers

A group of Venezuelan hackers affiliated with Anonymous hacktivists managed to gain access to the website of Netlima, a Peruvian online news paper site that covers news related to Lima city.

Even though the main page is not affected, the hackers used the unauthorized access to modify the content of few pages of the site in order to show their message.

Few pictures and a short message have been placed in those affected pates.

" Article 350 has its own life, lives in each of our hearts, can lead us to freedom. Let's give life and to liberate Venezuela. " the message reads.  "In this country there will never be revolution without evolution of Consciousness.!".

In the end of the modified-page, the hackers apologized to the admin of the site for the inconvenience and said "nothing personal, it is a protest for my Country." 
List of affected pages:

Two hacker groups namely "Hacker Claus Team" and "Anonymous Juventud" have done this defacement.  Currently, the affected pages still shows the defacement.