hacked and defaced by Turkguvenligi

A few minutes back, the OpenSSL website( got hacked and defaced by a hacker named " Turkguvenligi "

The home page of the OpenSSL replaced with a simple defacement text saying "TurkGuvenligiTurkSec Was Here @turkguvenligi + we love openssl _ ".

OpenSSL immediately took action and removed the defacement from the page.  The website has been restored at the time of writing.

You can still check the defacement at Zone-H: "".  It has also been archived in Web-archive: ""

It is still unknown how hacker gained access.  We are trying to reach the hacker.  Once we get a word from the hacker, the article will be updated here.

UPDATE: OpenSSL confirmed the site defacement and said "Source repositories verified and unaffected. More details on entry method in a future statement." , Vodafone, Daily Telegraph, Acer DNS hacked by Turkguvenligi

DNS of Famous websites like,vodafone,Daily Telegraph,Acer is hacked by hacker  Turkguvenligi.

Message from Hacker:

"Gel Babana"


"h4ck1n9 is not a cr1m3"

"4 Sept. We TurkGuvenligi declare this day as World Hackes Day - Have fun ;) h4ck y0u"

Nameserver lookup of the register has the following nameservers now: 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS

Hacked Websites List:

Screenshot of Defacement:

Mirror of Defacements:

Last Month hacked website.

HSBC Korean bank Website hacked by TurkGuvenligi (TG)

TurkGuvenligi (Turkish based hacker) defaced the HSBC Korean Bank Website. Now the website is recovered.

But you can see the mirror of Defacement here:

The screenshot of Defacement: