#ProjectSunRise: Team GhostShell leaked 700000 accounts from South Africa

Nearly Two Months after they leaked 1.6 million Accounts under the operation called "#ProjectWhiteFox", the Hacker group "TeamGhostShell" come with another massive data leak. They have claimed to have compromised and leaked 700k accounts from South Africa.

According to hacker press release(pastebin.com/8fJbajpc), the dumped data ranges from government, banking, mining, petroleum, management, networking, transport services, construction, education/academics, other enterprises.

"After two months of investigations, Team GhostShell has finally managed to fingerprint the entire top business infrastructure of South Africa, tracing some of it's activities to other countries across the continent. "

"Although this time around, the goal was not to release a large portion of data, we will still provide you with enough non-disclosure accounts and records from a variety of businesses; corporations and governments." Hackers said in the leak.

The press release contains links to more than 40 Dumps that allegedly contains data compromised from various Organization including The African Reinsurance Corporation, Woolworths Holdings, South African Diamond Corporation, African Mining, BEE Network, Moolmans Africa Mining Corporation, Angola's Oil field industries, South African Express Petroleum,PostNet Internet Services.

The dumps contains details like email address, name, mobile number, passwords.

The hackers claimed that Some of those sites that they've researched are vulnerable to different types of cyber attacks and they have sent notification to them.

#ProjectWhiteFox- 1.6 million Accounts leaked by Team GhostShell

The famous hacker group Team GhostShell returns with massive data leak. Today TeamGhostShell has claimed to have leaked 1.6 million Accounts from fields such as aerospace, banking, law, education, government, military, airlines and more , under their new project called "#ProjectWhiteFox".

"Winter is here and so are we, to present Team GhostShell's last project. We've included plenty of surprises in this one, so hop on our bandwagon, we're going on an adventure!" The TeamGhostShell said in the leak.

According to the pastebin post, the data leaks are from a number of organization including NASA, the European Space Agency, Pentagon, Crestwood Technology Group, Bigelow Aerospace, the California Manufacturers & Technology Association and Aerospace Suppliers.

"#ProjectWhiteFox will conclude this year's series of attacks by promoting hacktivism worldwide and drawing attention to the freedom of information on the net."

The data dump contains database details, name, email address, mailing lists, address ,passwords and more data.  The dump also contains the SQL Injection vulnerable links.  It seems like hackers has extracted the database using these vulnerable links.

"#ProjectWhiteFox - Freedom of Information: 1.6 million accounts/records leaked http://pastebin.com/agUFkEEa #ESA #NASA #Pentagon #OpWCIT #GhostShell " The attack was announced in Twitter.

#ProjectBlackStar : Team GhostShell declares cyber war against Russia , leaked 2.5 million data

The famous hacker group 'Team GhostShell' has declared cyber war against Russia under the operation called '#ProjectGhostShell'.  They have initiated the operation by leaking 2.5 million data.

They have informed us about the hack by mentionting @BreakTheSec from one of the compromised twitter account.
"#ProjectBlackStar- Ghostshell declares war on Russia
http://pastebin.com/yXN7uc6r  @BreakTheSec @arstechnica @wired"

Later,the victim posted the following tweet: 
"Any GhostShell or Project BlackStar tweets are not mine. Account compromised. "

The leaked data are compromised from government, academic, energy, law enforcement, large corporations, telecom, research institutes and more websites.

"For far too long Russia has been a state of tyranny and regret. The average citizen is forced to live an isolated life from the rest of the world imposed by it's politicians and leaders. A way of thinking outdated for well over 100 years now. The still present communism feeling has fused with todays capitalism and bred together a level of corruption and lack of decency of which we've never seen before. " Hacker said.

"GhostShell is declaring war on Russia's cyberspace, in "Project BlackStar". The project is aimed at the Russian Government."

 Some experts has confirmed that the leaked data is valid one.  In fact, Team Ghostshell never publish fake data.  Hackers claimed to get access to more russian files than the FSB.

#ProjectWestWind: Top 100 Universities hacked by TeamGhostShell

TeamGhost Shell

The well-known hacker group,TeamGhostShell, has targeted the top 100 Universities around the world and leaked the database, as part of an operation called "ProjectWestWind".  In a paste, they have listed the hacked sites along with link to the Database dump.

“We have set out to raise awareness towards the changes made in today's education, how new laws imposed by politicians affect us, our economy and overall, our way of life,” TeamGhostShell said in the paste.

“How far we have ventured from learning valuable skills that would normally help us be prepared in life, to just, simply memorizing large chunks of text in exchange for good grades? How our very own traditions are heard less and less, losing touch with who we truly are? Slowly casting the identities, that our ancestors fought to protect, into exile.”

"After carefully filtering the ones that we've already leaked before and the ones where Anonymous has in major operations, we have eventually got together a new fresh list."Hacker explained about the dump.

 "The majority of them should be here. Also, some of us decided to go ahead and add vulnerable links to the other ones anyway, which you can find at the bottom, at 'Other Universities' ".

The hacked university sites including Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford,Princeton, John Hopkinsm,Imperial College London ,University of Michigan ,Tokyo University, University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Kyoto University, University of Houston, Linkoping University, New York University and more Universities.

The database includes sensitive data including email address, passwords, name, address and more details.  As compromised data is too long, hackers only published 120,000+ data to keep the leaked information to a minimum.

Hackers also claimed that a lot of sites already infected by malwares , some sites have credit card information. The full list can be found here:


IT Wall Street Hacked by #TeamGhostShell

A Hacker called as Masakaki, from TeamGhostShell group, claims to have breached the systems of IT Wall Street – a website dedicated for those in search of an IT job in the financial services industry .

“GhostShell has been leaking left and right all kinds of targets, well we're here to bring some sort of order to it, which is why this district will function solely to provide leaks from an economical point of view, institutional and educational, but primary, it will focus on the financial aspect of things,” the hacker said in the post.

“With that being said, what better target to pick as a first release, than the place that puts all markets to shame in the world. Wall Street.”

Hacker claimed that around 50,000 account details  compromised from  IT Wall Street. The leak contains email address, username,hashed passwords and other details.

Furthermore, the hacker claims to have obtained more than 3,000 resumes that he plans to trade on the black market.