US Charges three more in Silk Road Online black market case

US authorities have charged three more people in connection with the operation of Silk Road, the online black market for illicit goods such as drugs, illegal guns and more.

24-year-old a Virginia resident 'Andrew Michael Jones', 25-year-old Irish 'Gary Davis', 40-year-old 'Peter Phillip Nash' from Australia, were charged in a federal indictment unsealed today in New york.

The three men are charged with money laundering, conspiracy to engage in narcotics trafficking and computer hacking, according Reuters.

Jones & Davis is reportedly worked as site admin of Silk Road while Nash worked as primary moderator on their website discussion forums.

The charges followed the arrest in October of Ross Ulbricht, who is allegedly known as "Dread Pirate Roberts" and reportedly the founder of Silk Road. Ulbricht gave the employees a salary ranging from $50,000 to $75,000 a year.

Deep web underground marketplace "Sheep Marketplace" hacked or it is scam!

Sheep Marketplace, an underground anonymous marketplace selling drugs and others on the "Deep web", has shut down after large amount of bitcoins allegedly stolen from their website.

The website became popular after feds shut down the similar website "Silk Road" in october.

The site admin claimed that the 5,400 Bitcoins worth $5 million stolen by a vendor dubbed "EBOOK101" who exploited a bug in their site.  However, other reports that more than 96,000 Bitcoins worth $40 million stolen.

However, many say the Sheep market is actually a scam. There is also a website called "sheepmarketscam" that provides facts about Sheepmarket being a scam.

The market claimed to provide refund the remaining bitcoins to the users.  However, none of them is appeared to be received anything so far.

Sheep Marketplace is reportedly linking to new unknown marketplace called "TorMarket". 

Silk Road taken down by FBI

Notorious online marketplace "Silk Road" has been taken down by the FBI and the owner "Ross Ulbricht" a.k.a (Dread Pirate Roberts) has been arrested . Proving that "Perfect security is impossible"

He has been charged with  conspiracy to traffic narcotics, conspiracy to hack computers, and conspiracy to launder money.

The website now shows a "This Hidden Site Has Been Seized" message

Silk Road was the drug dealing website in the world .It used the "TOR hidden network" to hide itself and its users.It seems Ross Ulbricht was caught due to his own mistakes and NOT due to a vulnerability in the TOR network.

This site had been a major point used lawmakers and politicians to try to curtail the growth of the TOR
 network.And now the recent actions by the FBI against many hidden sites in the TOR network is indeed a very big setback for it.

All the transactions in silkroad were done using Bitcoins and since the news of Ross Ulbricht's arrest bitcoin value has dropped quite a bit (Due to paranoid selling). But this is just the currency stabilizing itself, when it stabilizes BTC value will rise again. And the removal of association from such illigal market places might actually be a good thing for bitcoins.

Ross Ulbricht's LinkedIn Profile:
Full Arrest Warrant:
Full Details on how he was caught:

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Almost Half of Tor sites compromised by FBI [Exclusive details]

As many of you might know the US has been pushing for the extradition of Eric Eoin Marques who an FBI agent has called as "the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet."

But most of you might not know that he is also the owner of "freedom hosting" the largest hosting provider for .onion sites within the TOR network . This means that all the sites hosted by "freedom hosting" are at the hands of the FBI. As you can see from the above linked article freedom hosting has been accused of hosting child pornography for a very long time.

I also have a fair idea on how the FBI did the "impossible", tracing a person who is using Tor.And they further might have found details on all the people visiting sites hosted by freedom hosting. First have a look at what a person posted on pastebin on Aug 3rd he says he found this code in the main page of "freedom host" this further links to this exploit .

This is my analysis of the exploit ( I have not looked into it deeply as I am busy with my exams)
1. It is a 0 day for the Firefox version that comes as default with the "TOR Browser Bundle"
2. The code says "version >=17 && version <18" checks if the browser is the right version that the exploit works on .

It also has an another check
var i = navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT");
        if (i != -1)
                return true;
        return false;

3.It also manages to gather the Real IP of the user and possibly execute a malicious payload that might give the attacker full access to the system.
4. This exploits works because the people at TOR project had made it such that Javascript is loaded by the built in browser by default (this was not the case before and people who had their "no script" plugin with proper setting "disallowed" are safe)
5.Please note that is NOT a zero day for the TOR network but rather an exploit for the Firefox version that most TOR users are running.

Tor's official reply:

Though the action's done by the FBI to take down child pornography in the TOR network is appreciated by all of us, many of the legitimate sites hosted by freedom hosting are also down .They should make sure that what they do does not kill the freedom and anonymity that the TOR network stands for.

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