FBI arrest hacker ItsKahuna accused of hacking into Police sites

The FBI has arrested an alleged hacker known as ItsKahuna last month. The hacker was affiliated with Anonymous group and accused of hacking into the Salt Lake City Police Department’s website.

John Anthony Borell III,21-year-old from Toledo, Ohio , has been charged with two counts of computer intrusion.  He is accused of hacking into the website of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association on Jan. 19, and the Salt Lake City Police Department’s website on Jan 31.

According to the Fox13 report, FBI agents wrote in an affidavit that they traced the IP addresses used in the hackings to Borell.The FBI affidavit also reveals that the FBI served a subpoena on Twitter and read a “direct message” interview between FOX 13 and ItsKahuna.

The complaint shows that each of the offenses has caused damages of more than $5,000 (3,750 EUR).  If he is found guilty on both counts, the suspect can spend the next 20 years in prison. The court can also force him to pay a fine of $250,000 (187,000 EUR).

FBI track Anonymous Hacker AnonW0rmer' after posting girlfriend photo

An Anonymous hacker '@AnonW0rmer' has been tracked down ,when he made mistake by posting a picture of scantily clad girlfriend in an image bragging about his hacking exploits.

Higinio O. Ochoa III, from Texas, computer programmer, has been charged by the FBI with hacking into the websites of at least 4 US law enforcement websites and leaking the sensitive data of police officers.

The photo, cropped from the neck down, featured the bikini-clad babe holding a sign saying "PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch's".

The photo was taken via iPhone. Unfortunately, failed to purge its metadata which revealed the GPS co-ordinates in an outer-Melbourne suburb where the photo was taken. "EXiF data from this picture shows that it taken with an iPhone 4 and edited with Photoshop," the complaint states.

Ochoa was scheduled to appear in a criminal court in Austin, Texas over the alleged hacking attack on Tuesday, 10 April.

Two alleged TeamPoison hackers arrested for hacking Anti-Terrorism Hotline

UK authorities arrests two teenagers , suspect of being member of Teampoison and hacking the MI6 anti-terrorist hotline. But the members of TeaMp0isoN says their member are not arrested.

The suspects, aged 16 and 17, are being held in the West Midlands by detectives from the Police Central e-Crime Unit.

“This just comes to prove on how you shouldn't believe everything you read online. Tsk tsk tsk... NOBODY in #TeaMp0isoN has been arrested,” tweeted F0rsaken , one of the members of the group.

“TriCk was online and well with communication when this article was written. He is not arrested,” he explained.

UK: York hacker Edward pearson, jailed for stealing eight million people's personal details.

Edward Pearson, a computer hacker from Lendale,York has been jailed for an ID fraud. He acquired credit and debit card specifics to carry out a fraud worth €8000,000.

Southwark Crown Court was informed about how Edward pearson,23, used trojans such as Zeus,Spyeye,Python to download thousands of credit card details along with the postcodes,names,dates of birth of more than eight million people in UK.

One of his python coded programme created could scan about 200,000 accounts registered to online paypal - identifying names, passwords and their current balances.The specifics had been all stolen over an 18-month period between January 1, 2010, and August 30, 2011.

Police Experts stated that, pearson got caught only after only making a €2,400($3,800 USD)but could had made €800,000($1.3M USD) with all the information he collected.

Pearson, an 'incredibly talented' boarding student who carried out the crime for an 'intellectual challenging',has been jailed for two years and two months.

Southwork Crown Court informed that pearson was also able to shutdown a portion of the mobile telephone giant NOKIA's internal network for two weeks right after hacking in and copying the specifics of more than 8,000 members of staff.

Authorities were alerted to the problem when his 21-year-old girlfriend, Cassandra Mennim, a sociology student at the University of York, used stolen credit cards to book rooms at the upmarket Cedar Court Grand and Lady Anne Middleton Hotels.

Pearson was arrested immediately after investigators linked a internet alias, ‘G-Zero’, which had appeared on hacking forums, to his individual e mail address.

David Hughes, prosecuting, mentioned the hacker had carried out a series of ‘sophisticated, planned frauds.’ Pearson admitted making an article for use in fraud and two counts of possession of an article for use in fraud.

Six Anonymous Dominicana hackers arrested

The Dominican Police arrested six alleged hackers who are suspected of being "Anonymous Dominicana" and involved in hacking different pages of Ministries and institutions of the Dominican State, as well as national and international companies.The arrests are part of the Unmask operation, in coordination with Interpol.

The Deputy Prosecutors Germain Sosa Vasquez and Juan Mateo Ciprian, Research Division of Intellectual Property Violations and High Technology Cell argue that Dominican Anonymous is reportedly led by Leonardo Acosta, alleged founder of the IRC channel # Anonymousdominicana.

The websites hacked by hackers , include the Presidency of the Republic, the Department of Taxes (DGII); the ministries of Education, Higher Education, Hacienda, National Police and private companies, including Orange Dominicana.

A judge in the Dominican Republic has ordered four young men 'Milton David Corniel Jimenez (Zerohack)', 'Juan Rafael Acosta (Nmap)', 'Cristian Jose de la Rosa (Mot)', 'Roberto Delgado Reynoso (Frank-Ostia)' held in jail for three months during an investigation of their activities. The other two suspects are minors and face a different court.

17-Year-Old KPN Hacker arrested by Dutch Police

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Barendrecht by Dutch High Tech Crime on suspicion of hacking into the KPN server and leaking account info. Hacker used online name "xS", "Yoshioka" and "Yui".

Earlier this year, Hacker break into one of the largest ISP in Netherlands "KPN"  and published the confidential data ,including username,passwords,phone-numbers, address.
In the wake of the hack, KPN suspended acces to 2 million e-mail and encouraged users to change their passwords.

When he was arrested at his home, the investigators seized an encrypted computer, two laptops and other storage media.

Besides the KPN hack , the suspect is also suspected of  hacking computers at KAIST and at Trondheim University in Norway, and of breaching the security of Tokohu University in Japan.  He is also thought to have been running a website used for selling stolen credit card data, according to the prosecution.

A judge ruled that he was to be kept in custody for at least two weeks. The suspect has legal support from a solicitor and was visited by the Dutch council for child protection.

According to De Bruin, the maximum penalty the teenager faces is two years in prison. The maximum penalty is reduced due to his age. "For an adult the maximum penalty would be six years imprisonment," De Bruin said.

Russian cops arrest 8 in notorious Carberp Banking Trojan case

Russian police arrest eight individuals in Moscow on suspicion of making millions in electronic banking fraud with a Banking trojan known as 'Carberp' . The arrested suspects include two unnamed brothers, aged 29 and 32, whom Russian cops believe to be the ringleaders of the gang.

According to the MVD statement, the hackers made more than 60 million roubles(£1.3m) with their trojan. Apparently, the hackers rented an office in Moscow, pretending to be a legitimate IT company.

"Our experts did an enormous amount of work, which resulted in identifying the head of this criminal group, the owner and operator of a specialised banking botnet, identifying the control servers, and identifying the directing of traffic from popular websites in order to spread malware infection," said Ilya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB, a security firm that helped investigate the gang's attacks.
During the raid in the suspects' home and office, The police had recovered numerous ATM cards, forged documents and 7.5 million roubles (about £162,000) in cash.

Suspects face charges for various offences including 'Illegal access to computer information','malware distribution' and theft. If they are convicted, they will face charges punishable with 10 years in prison

7 alleged RedHack hackers arrested in Turkey

Turkey Police have arrested seven alleged RedHack Hackers , accused of hacking into databases of the Ankara Police Directorate and POLNET (Police Net).

RedHack team consisted of five members with the aliases "pReCipiCe", "Xebat", "MaNYaK", "BayRed" and "RedJunior". RedHack group claimed that none of them was among the people taken into police custody.

"They took young people into custody who shared news about RedHack on their facebook account after the file had been sent to the special authority prosecution. They created offenders according to the crime only to save face. They are trying to control the internet as the only place they are not able to control. They should release these young people and attend to us". Turkey news site bianet quoted as 'RedHack group' saying.

The RedHack members stated that 15-year-old high school students were among the people taken into custody. "How can a 15-year-old student be a member of a group that was founded in 1997?" they questioned.

"Everybody has been a member for ten years. We have no new members. We are here and we believe that what we are doing is correct, just and legitimate. If they are a real government they should investigate the 'police memorandum' disclosed by the documents instead of addressing 15-year-old juveniles as the enemy".

RedHack emphasized that "the leakage of dozens of confidential documents related to the Ergenekon trial has not been investigated. The only difference to us is that they leaked the documents for money or to assist the religious community whereas we took them fairly".

LulzSec-linked Hacker "Jeremy Hammond" appears in New York federal court

The 27-year-old ,Chicago based hacker allegedly affiliated with hacker group LulzSec, Jeremy Hammond, made an appearance in a New York federal court Thursday.

Hammond faces federal charges of conspiracy to commit computer hacking, computer hacking and access device fraud. Authorities say the ex-con is known for exhorting fellow hackers to violent acts and once mocked the 9/11 attacks.

If convicted, Hammond will face up to 10 years in in prison and $250,000 in fines on the hacking-related charges and 15 years and $250,000 on the fraud charge.

“This guy is not some harmless kid living in his parents’ basement,” Foxnews quoted as a law enforcement source saying. “He’s got a history and potential for violence.”

Authorities believe Hammond was the main player in the Stratfor hack last December, in which 5 million emails were stolen and handed over to WikiLeaks. According to the federal complaint against Hammond, the attack was designed to bankrupt Stratfor, a Texas-based company that works with intelligence agencies around the world.

iPhone ,PS3 hacker GeoHot arrested for possession of Cannabis

The 22-year-old Hacker "George Hotz" also known as geohot who become famous as the first person to "jailbreak" an iPhone was recently arrested for possession of marijuana.

He was traveling by car with friends on his way to the SXSW conference in Austin to give a talk titled “The Final Frontier of Reverse Engineering” when he had to stop at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Department of Homeland Security officers were using dogs to decide if a vehicle warranted a search, and Hotz’s car was barked at.

Geohot reportedly holds a a medical marijuana license in California. In the glove box of his car he kept 1/4 oz. of marijuana and “chocolate edibles” equivalent to less than 1/8 oz., according to a source familiar with the case cited by Above the Law. Such a small amount of the drug typically only warrants a citation, but the local sheriff reportedly took the whole weight of the chocolate and valued it at $800, instead of the $15 Hotz allegedly paid for it. Hotz was booked for a felony and posted $1,500 bail.

PCeU arrests 37-Year-old man for committing online banking fraud

A 37 Year old man from Belvedere , Kent, has been arrested by The Metropolitan Police Service's Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) for committing online banking fraud.

The arrest is part of an investigation prompted by a report from an unnamed high street bank that online accounts had been compromised over an 18-month period.

The PCeU found that accounts had been accessed without authority, money stolen and personal details had been changed.

"Online crime is never victimless. Such offences are indiscriminate and will be fully investigated where allegations are made." Detective Inspector Mark Raymond at the PCeU said.

"Online banking is generally very safe providing individuals keep their operating systems and anti-virus software regularly updated to avoid online hackers and fraudsters. Sound independent advice can be found at 'getsafeonline.org'."

Anonymous Hacker "James Jeffery" admitted hacking into Abortion Website

An anonymous Hacker, James Jeffery (online name "Pablo Escobar") has admitted hacking into the website of Britain's biggest abortion service.

James Jeffery, 27-year-old, was arrested Friday for stealing personal details of arount 10,000 women from the website of British Pregnancy Advisory Service(BPAS) and defacing BPAS's website with an anti-abortion message..

Jeffery admitted two offences under the Computer Misuse Act. He told the court he acted because he "disagreed" with the choice of two women he knew to end their pregnancies.Jeffery will be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court at a later date.

LulzSec leader "Sabu" helped FBI to catch other LulzSec hackers

Hector Xavier Monsegur, 28-year-old, alleged LulzSec Leader "Sabu" turned informant after he was secretly arrested last year and provided information to law enforcement which resulted in the arrest on Two continents .

According to FoxNews report, the information provided by Monsegur helps agents to arrest several suspects ,including two men from Great Britain, two from Ireland and an American in Chicago.

“This is devastating to the organization,” said an FBI official involved with the investigation. “We’re chopping off the head of LulzSec.”

Alleged LulzSec leader "Sabu"- Hector Xavier Monsegur

“They caught him and he was secretly arrested and now works for the FBI,” a source close to Sabu told FoxNews.com.

Monsegur pleaded guilty Aug. 15 to 12 hacking-related charges and information documenting his admissions is expected to be unsealed in Southern District Court on Today. As a result of Monsegur’s cooperation, which was confirmed by numerous senior-level officials, the remaining top-ranking members of LulzSec were arrested or hit with additional charges Today morning.

Those arrested on Today including Ryan Ackroyd, aka “Kayla” and Jake Davis, aka “Topiary,” both of London; Darren Martyn, aka “pwnsauce” and Donncha O’Cearrbhail, aka “palladium,” both of Ireland; and Jeremy Hammond aka “Anarchaos,” of Chicago.

Hammond is believed to have have been the main person behind the devastating December hack on U.S. security company Stratfor which resulted in seizure of Millions of emails,credit card numbers and other confidential data.

4 Greek Hacking Scene(GHS) members arrested by Greek Police ~Anonymous Hackers

Greek Cyber-crime Department have arrested four more members of the notorius hacking group "Greek Hacking Scene"(GHS) , alleged representatives of the Anonymous in Greece.

According to police officials the supposed leading subject was located in the city of Nafplio, along with three more suspects —two of them underaged. GreekReporter informs that 18 hard drives and and 5 notebooks were confiscated in seven house searches and are now under further investigation.

The suspects are considered to be responsible for the Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS) attack against the Ministry of Justice, the Athens Urban Transport Organisation, three banks, as well as the official website of the Greek Parliamen

4 suspected Anonymous hackers arrested by Spanish police

Spanish Police say that they have arrested four people on suspicion of being Anonymous Hacker who attacked websites of Spanish political parties, companies and the Spanish police force.

A National Police statement said two servers used by the group in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have been blocked.

It said the four included the alleged manager of Anonymous' computer operations in Spain and Latin America, who was identified only by his initials and the aliases "Thunder" and "Pacotron."

The four are suspected of defacing websites, carrying out denial-of-service attacks and publishing data on police assigned to the royal palace and the premier's office online.

Tuesday's statement said the arrests were part of an Interpol operation.

Two Men arrested for infecting smartphones with Foncy Malware

Two men have been indicted in Bogigny, France , on suspicion of being the ones who developed a malicious Android app which sent premium SMS, infecting more than 2000 smartphones.

Last November Kaspersky security researcher Denis discovered a SMS trojan that target users from a number of European countries and Canada.This app turned up to be an SMS Trojan which sends 4 SMS messages to premium rate numbers.  Read the November Report>>

The two men (a "brain" and a technician) have developed malicious software that "usurping the name of legitimate software." Once installed on a smartphone, it was sending premium SMS (at 4.5 euros) without the knowledge of its owner. In return, he received micro-payment codes that hackers intercepted and recovered for personal gain.

According to the L’Informaticien report, The malware dubbed as Foncy , have traped more than 2000 victims since its release in summer 2011. French authorities estimated that the total damage of this malware amounted to 100,000 euros, with an average of 20 to 30 euros per person.

A judicial inquiry was opened by the prosecutor of Bobigny, with indictments for organized fraud and possession of a malware for suspects.

Anonymous retaliates after Spain arrests 6 suspected Anonymous hackers

Spanish national police arrests six suspected Anonymous Hackers on Thursday. In response to this , Anonymous Hackers apparently launched a DDOS attack against the Official Site of the National Policein(http://policia.es/) Spain in retaliation for the arrests.

Anonymous tweet (@AnonymousPress ):
policia.es DOWN | #Anonymous #Spain

Anonymous Iberoamerica reports that six suspected Anonymous hacktivists have been arrested in Spain in the last 48 hours. According to the report, the arrests signal a new crack down against Anonymous by Spainish authorities.

ALT1040 reports that Spanish police will neither confirm nor deny the arrests, but “the National Police confirms that they are indeed running a large operation of the Technological Investigation Brigade...”

Hacker arrested for hacking into Vietnam's anti-virus company BKAV

A man who hacked into Viet Nam's top Internet security firm BKAV has been arrested. Bkav worked with Police to arrest the man after the attack paralysed the company’s website for several days, Bkav director Nguyen Tu Quang said.

On Feb 2, 2012, the hacker defaced the BKAV  website by uploading the defacement page "hacked.html".  Also he leaked its forum database in public. Initially the hacker published the leaked the dump.sql (565MB) in the forum site itself , but it was quickly removed by admin.   The dump contains the details of 130,000 user account(emails, encrypted password).

Police tracked the IP address of the hacker and arrested him, seized two laptops believed to have been used in the attack.

The hacker, who admitted his offence, was identified as a computer security employee of an IT company in Ha Noi, BKAV said.

Director of BKAV's internet security department, Nguyen Minh Duc said "As we have said many times, any cyber attack will sooner or later be discovered". Yes, it is true.

Deputy head of the Police's Department's hi-tech criminal unit Tran Van Hoa said cyber attacks had increased in recent years, resulting in negative affects to the country.

Romanian Hacker TinKode arrested for hacking NASA and Pentagon servers

Romanian authorities believe that they busted a notorious hacker Tinkode, who gave trouble to government and military websites by exposing their vulnerabilities. 

The 20-year old Romanian hacker from Timisoara , named as Manole Razvan Cernaianu detained by Romanian authorities for hacking into NASA and Pentagon computer systems ,exposed the SQL injection vulnerabilities.

"The same procedure, the accused and compromised web server belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)" reads a statement of the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) "The accused is also satisfied that the task of the unauthorized access, launching attacks on the system and the website belonging to the U.S. Government, that the Department of Defense - Pentagon"

The DIICOT prosecutors are currently collaborating in the investigation with the American judicial authorities – NASA representatives and the FBI.

"TinKode..He is a very talented guy. He is interesting and has an outstanding personality. He is not ordinary. He has found a lot of vulnerabilities in many web sites. Tinkode was included in Google's january-march 2011 Hall of Fame, but now is arrested." Sony Hacker said in his official blog about the arrest.

"He has 20 years old and jail for TinKode not the best place. Yes, sometimes people can do mistakes (not a critical), but we all people (if we are people) and we can understand this and forgive. He is a talanted guy and he can have a good future. Jail - it's not a good future. "Serial Hacker"? What is this? It's a Serial Killer, who kill a lot of people? Not. Yes, he found the sql inj on some sites, but i know he did not want to do bad things. It's not his full fail. It's full fail of administrators of those sites. What to do with TinKode? "Use the Button Thanks" and let him go home. "

Indian Police arrests six Nigerians in spam scam case : Spam Capital

Indian Police arrests six Nigerians in spam scam case, seized 14 laptops, seven memory sticks and 23 mobile phones along with fake documents and cash.

The arrests came after security firm Kaspersky Labs reported more spam originated from India than any other country in the world.

According to the Kaspersky report, 14.8% of all spam email sent in the three months prior to the end of September had originated in India.

 Police said the six men, all Nigerian, would be remanded in custody until 12 January.

Mumbai-based internet security specialist Vijay Mukhi said poor enforcement of laws meant spammers could act with impunity.

"We have an Information Technology Act that was introduced in 2000. But we don't have any convictions under it and it's silent on spam," Vijay Mukhi said.

"If I'm a spammer, I would rather spam from India to India and the rest of world because nothing will happen to me."