Guccifer, the hacker responsible for several high-profile hacks arrested in Romania

Marcel Lazăr Lehel, 40-year-old, from Romania suspected of being the notorious hacker Guccifer has been arrested by Romanian Authorities, at his home in Arad county.

"Guccifer", is the hacker who responsible for a number of high-profile account hacks.  In Feb. 2013, he hacked into 6 separate email accounts including AOL email account of Dorothy Bush Koch, daughter of former president George H.W. Bush and exposed emails, photos & personal information.

Other persons targeted by "Guccifer" includes George Maior(The head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)), Colin Powell, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, comedian Steve Martin, actress Mariel Hemingway, editor Tina Brown and many others.

This is not the first time Lazăr Lehel has been arrested for hacking.  In Feb. 2012, he received a three year suspended sentence.