Confirmed: Angry Birds website hacked by Anti-NSA Hacker

Syrian Electronic Army yesterday posted a tweet saying that one of its friend with handle "Anti-NSA" hacker defaced the Angry website.

At the time, we were not able to confirm the defacement.  No one was reported to have seen the hack.  Even the Zone-h mirror didn't confirm the defacement, displayed a message "The mirror is onhold and has not been verified yet".

So, we didn't have strong proof to report the hack.  Today,  Rovio, creator of angry birds, confirmed that the defacement was there for few minutes and corrected immediately.  Now, the Zone-h record also confirmed it.

Antti Tikkanen, Director of Security Response at F-Secure Labs, said in twitter that the attack is actually 'DNS Hijack attack'. He mentioned that the website itself not touched by the hacker; hacker managed to modify the DNS records.

He also said that the angrybirds website pointed to some IP address( assoicated with Lithuania for at least one hour.  The same IP address shown in the Zone-h record(

The hack comes after the angry birds application is said to be used by NSA and GCHQ to spy on people. 

New service will protect Hong Domains(.hk) from DNS Hijacking

We have recently seen several DNS Hijacking attacks. Hackers had defaced several high profile domains including Google, facebook.

Hackers normally attempt to obtain login details for the Domain admin panel through various method including Social Engineering attack.  If he succeeds, he will change the DNS records fort the websites.

By modifying DNS records, hacker can deface the website or redirect to any other malicious websites.

To make an end to such kind of attacks, a new " registry-lock" service has been launched by Hong Kong domain registrar.

"We are putting back the human factor in the verification process," South China Morning Post quoted the Internet Registration Corporation head Jonathan Shea Tat-on as saying.

The new service will require telephone call verification in order to make any changes to the existing DNS records.  Only up to three persons can be authorized to modify the records.  In addition, the server will be unlocked for just 15 minutes each time.  These options are believed to be security measures that will remove the existing loopholes in automation. 

MYNIC says the Google Malaysia DNS hijack is done through Reseller’s account

We recently learned that Google Malaysia main page was defaced via DNS hijacking. Malaysian Registrar MYNIC has published a statement saying the DNS hijack is done through one of their Reseller's account.

"We can assure there is no customer’s content, password information and other personal information affected by the redirect" Hasnul Fadhly Hasan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MYNIC said in their official blog post.

MYNIC says it is "undertaking all necessary measures to monitor the situation and prevent further related issues".

Hasnul said that various security measures have taken place on MYNIC’s infrastructure since the first incident on 1st July 2013. The investigation shows their system is not compromised after the incident.

"However, this time around, the group manipulated reseller's account management. MYNIC’s next course of action is to immediately improve resellers’ security on account management" Hasnul added.