Chinese Huawei allegedly hacked into Indian state-owned Telecoms company BSNL

Parliament of India was informed on Wednesday that the State-owned Telecoms Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL)'s network was allegedly hacked by a Chinese Telecom equipment maker Huawei.

"The government has constituted an inter-ministerial team to investigate the matter."Killi Kruparani, Minister of State for Communications and IT, told the Lok Sabha.

According to reports,  the engineers of Huawei allegedly hacked a BSNL's mobile tower in Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh in October 2013.

India has launched an investigation, the investigation team is comprise of top officials from National Security council Secretariat, Intelligence Bureau, Union home ministry and BSNL.

It is worth to note that BSNL has offered a major part of its network expansion tender to another Chinese company ZTE in 2012.  The goverment suspects it might be the "inter-corporate rivalry" between these two chinese companies.

Huawei India denies allegations of hacking BSNL's network, said it will continue to work with Indian customers and Government and ready to help in addressing any network security issues.

Indian Public Health Engineering Department website hacked by Pakistan Hackers

West Bengal Branch of Indian Public Health Engineering Department website( has been breached by a hacker from Pakistan.

A hacker with handle H4$N4!N H4XOR from Pakistan Haxors CREW has has uploaded a defacement page in the "Uploads" directory of the site (

When we asked about the vulnerability responsible for the breach, the hacker said that the website is vulnerable to SQL Injection vulnerability.

"Security Breach!Free Kashmir. Free Syria. Stop Spying On US. Stop Killing Muslims. We Have All Your Data. Don't Try To Catch Us" The defacement message reads.

The hackers said the defacement is revenge for hacking Pakistan websites.  He also claimed to have compromised the database from the server.

In the last two days, the group hacked into Indian Railways website and Official website of Assam Rifles.

Central Bank Of India Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army and Team MaDLeeTs

The official site of "Central Bank Of India" has been defaced by Pakistan Cyber Army and Team MaDLeeTs .

The deface seems to be a retaliation to defaces this morning by "Indian Cyber Army" on many Pakistani Sites.

The reasons for the Indian attack was that today is the 5th anniversary of the 26/11 terrorists attacks on Mumbai.


Deface Link:

Indian websites suffer cyber attack

Earlier Today, a Pakistani Hacker with online handle "Dr@cul@" hacked into several Indian websites including one Indian Government website and defaced them.

The hacked government website is "". I'm not able to find the exact usage of this website.  The google cache displays "account suspended" page.

Another Pakistani hacker with handle "Hasnain Haxor" claimed to have hacked more than 500 Indian websites and defaced them. "Indian's Be ready cyber war begin " The hacker send a warning message.

Few hacked websites:
The full list of hacked websites can be found here : " ". 

At the time of writing, the Government domain "" is taken offline, few other websites displays "under construction" message.

Pakistan Ministry Education website hacked by Indian Hackers

Recently, Multiple Indian Government websites hacked by a Pakistani Hacker called H4x0r HuSsy.  An Indian Hacker group named "Team Indi-Heax" has breached one of the Pakistani Government websites.

The hacker group claimed it is payback for the Goa government sites hack." THIS SITE F**** BY T3AM INDI-HEAX DUE TO A LAMENESS OF A PAKI HACKER NAMED H4x0r HuSsy :P" The defacement message reads.

We have been informed yesterday that the "" is hacked by ICP and Team Indi-HeX-  The official Ministry Education website of Pakistan that provides Trainings and Standards in Higher Education. 

The website still displays the defacement message. It appears admins are not aware about the security breach.

#OpPhilippines: Anonymous Taiwan launched cyber war against Philippines

The Philippines cyber space is again facing another cyber war. Following the cyberattack from China, Malaysia hackers, now the Taiwan hackers have started the cyber war against Philippines.

The operation named #OpPhilippines has been launched by the Anonymous Taiwan. The attack comes after Philippine Coast Guard killed Taiwanese fisherman. EHN was notified about the cyberwar by pinoyhacknews.

"Philippine coastguard killed taiwanese unarmed fishermen is injustice and unforgivable. Philippine government protecting murders is unacceptable." The hackers posted in the pastebin. "You must apologize. Killers must be arrested immediately. Otherwise, we will not stop."

The hackers defaced the '' domain registry website( They also defaced one more government webstie "Advanced Science and Technology Institute(".

The hacktivist also leaked database from six different Government websites as part of the cyberwar. The links to the database dump is provided in a single paste(

The affected websites includes Department of Education of the Philippines(,, Provincial Government of Bulacan (, Philippine Public Safety College(,Province of Sulu( The leak contains username, email address and passwords.

The hackers also dumped( the database from the '' domain registry website that contains username and password details belong to all Government websites. It has more than 2300 entries.

South Korea hit by cyber attack.

Yesterday South Korea was hit by a massive cyber attack . The attack disturbed the functioning of three banks and two TV channels. The bank were hit such that no financial transactions can be made.

The TV channels were affected by locking their computers hence not allowing the TV channels to edit or function to full efficiency.The attack points towards North Korea which only days ago said it will attack South Korea.

The attacks originated from China but this might simply be because the IP's from North Korea are not allowed in South Korean Cyberspace ,so the hackers  could have used compromised computers in China to bypass that restriction and also to hide their real location.

Unlike other "disruption" attacks which rely on DDOS this was done using a malware called "DarkSeoul" which "locked" the systems.

These sort of attacks are more dangerous because when you block the DDOS attack the servers will get back to "normal" with minimum effort but a virus attack takes much longer to recover from and even then you cant be really sure that the computers are fully clean.

This recent attack shows that the need for a strong "physical" army is not needed to bring down an another country. A few experienced hackers can do the work of a massive army. 

China blames US for more than half of cyber attacks this year

China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center (CNCERT) , the Chinese top cyber security agency reportedly identified that more than half of cyber attacks on this year targeting their nation's computer system are originated from the US.

CNCERT detected 2,196 US-based control servers were controlling 1.29 million infected computers in china.

According to Xinhua report, more than 80 websites of public institutions , Government and companies were attacked from september 2012 to February 2013. CNCERT found that 39 of those websites were attacked from U.S. IP addresses.

"A large amount of facts have proven that for many years, China has been one of the primary victims of cyber attacks," an unnamed official from the China National Internet Information Office told Xinhua.

Last month, US-based computer security company released a report which accused Chinese military unit of conducting a series of sophisticated hacking attack on US. But Chinese authorities denied the accusations and claimed that their systems are targeted by US.

China Government portal hacked and defaced by Indian Cyb3r Devils

Indian hacker group known as "Indian cyber Devils" has breached the Chinese Ningxia Yongning County Government portal and defaced the main website(

At the time of writing, we are still able to the defacement page. A simple defacement with some background music. Hacker didn't left any special message in this defacement message.

Recently, hackers also claimed to have hacked into the College of Software , Suzhou website( and defaced .  It seems like the admin took the site offline after the security breach.

Recently, the Indian cyb3r devils launched cyber war against the China government websites and defaced one of the Bank service website . 

Cyber War : 160 Serbia websites hacked by Anonghost

The Mauritania hacker group AnonGhost claims that Anonymous Squad No.035 lost their Cyber war Against AnonGhost. The hackers defaced more than 150 Serbia websites.

"Anonymous Squad No.035 F**d bY AnonGhost XD !!!!!! they couldn't deface any website of Mauritania , they tried sql injection loool :v we traced the admin and we f***ed their websites country"

The hackers defaced educational websites including,,,, and

"To Anonymous Squad No. 035
Rememeber this, The Team you want to f**k with is AnonGhost and we just want to tell you one thing Lammer go watch cartoons ! and fuck offff :::Listen to justin bieber kidz it's good for education , hacking is dangerous for you :p iihihihihihihi " The hacker said in the defacement message.

The full list of hacked sites with mirror can be found here:

Around 3000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl

Earlier Today, we reported that more than 1000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey hat hackers.  The Bangladesh Cyber Army claims to have defaced around 3,000 Indian websites as a form of protest against the country’s Border Security Force (BSF).

"After exactly one year, Bangladesh Cyber Army is back once again with their attacks on Indian Cyber Space." The hacker said in an email sent to EHN.

"This attacks was inflicting owing to the reason of 7th January, being the day, when a 13 year old Bangladeshi girl was brutally murdered by BSF just 2 years back."

The full list of hacked sites can be found here :

" The website of Paisacontrol which is a supporting website of Indian Stock Exchange has also gone down! Bigger attacks will be coming! " The hackers give a warning.

The hackers uploaded a video on youtube with the title"2nd Bangladesh vs India War"

More than 1400 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey hat hackers

The Bangladesh hackers from hacker collective known as "Bangladesh Grey Hat hackers(BGHH)", claim to have hacked and defaced more than 1400 Indian website in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl .

"Today is the first anniversary of the Death of "felani"..
Felani is poor girl from Bangladesh who is brutally kiled by Indian border guards [bsf].." hacker said in an email sent to EHN, .

"On this occasion, we strongly condemn the activity of bsf on our border.They are daily killing our people brutally."

The hacked sites includes The Institute for Development and Communication (IDC) , Tutors Educationa's official website, Software Technology Network, Indian Meridian Security Force, Architect Kerala and more sites.

The mirror of hacked sites can be found here:

Bangladeshi Hackers warn Indian Hackers

Hackers from the 3xp1r3 Cyber Army are once again threatening Indian hackers, urging them to stop attacking websites from Bangladesh.

“Dear, Indian Hackers We are like storm which is brewing & our shadow like thunder in the distance. No one knows that how capable we are. So, don't do anything more than you are capable of, you will probably be unhappy if we stand against. Don’t Hack Bangladeshi websites again (sic),” Softpedia quoted as hackers saying.

“Don’t worry! Storm is not started yet; just wind blows slowly with a flash of light. Take it as a precaution of a destructive storm.So, guys think twice before facing a storm by crossing the limit otherwise you might be cried.”

They conclude by revealing the fact that their message will also be posted on a number of Indian website they’re about to hack.

2000 Pakistani websites Hacked By Indian United Hackers

While everyone enjoying the Independence day, Indian Hackers enjoyed independence day on their own style.  Yesterday, Indian hackers have united as one and hacked into more than 2000 Pakistani websites as part of the ongoing cyber war.

The Indian Hacker teams Indian Cyber Army (ICA), Indian Cyber Police (ICP),Indihex Team Open Fire (TOF),The Revolutionary Army (TRA),Computer Korner,Team Destr0yer army,Indian Cyber Hunter and Marathi Cyber Army participated in the attack. There were also many individual hackers who joined this event.

The list of hacking sites includes Pak Communication(, pak education(, Pakistan Renewable energy socity(,Pak Electronics(,Pak Finance group( and more sites.

The list of sites hacked by Team Destroyer Army listed in the pastebin. There is around 500 websites sites listed. You can find more hacked sites here.

At the time of writing, most of the sites seems to be recovered from the hack.

Cyber-war :more Bangladesh Government sites hacked by Myanmar Hackers

After Bangladesh cyber army declares cyber-war against Myanmar and hack few government sites, Myanmar Hackers group known as 'Blink Hacker Group(BCH)' hack more Bangladeshi Government sites.

The hacked sites are Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC),Information and Communication Technology Division,Cabinet Division,Pabna Textile Engineering College,Ministry of Defence,NID Registration Wing,Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO.

Disaster Management Bureau(DMB),Department of Textile,Economic Relations Division (ERD),Bangladesh Election Commission,Ministry of Communication,Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism and more sites become victim of this cyber attack from Myanmar Hackers.

Hacker provide us the list of hacked sites.  Here you can find the list:

Hackers wipe out the database from the hacked sites. At the time of writing this article, all sites appeared to be suffering database connection issues.

Cyber War between Myanmar Hackers and Bangladeshi Cyber Army

A Bangladeshi hackers group known as 'Bangladeshi Cyber Army(BCA)' has declared a cyber-war on Myanmar, accusing the country of killing innocent Muslims and its hackers of breaching Bangladeshi websites.

"This injustice over the Muslims and attack on the Bangladeshi cyber space has forced us to react. In this situation, we feel the necessity of a cyber war, against racists." Hackers posted in their official facebook page.

"Human Rights Commission and other Governments who have the ability to stop all these are sitting idle under this situation. We request them to come forward and stand against injustice."

As part of the Cyber War, The BCA take down the number of Myanmar government sites by DDOS attack. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, Ministry of Co-operatives (, Ministry of Construction (, Ministry of Forestry (, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation ( sites are seems to be down at the time of writing this article.

Hackers also defaced the websites of Myanmar Tour And Travel, the University of Medicine in Mandalay, Myanmar Logistics Co, Client Focus Technology Group, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Royal Hantha Arts of Myanmar Artists, Myanmar Clover Hotel Yangon, and others.

As part of the Cyber-war, Myanmar hackers also started to hack more Bangladeshi sites. More than 30 Bangladeshi government sites were defaced. The sites are Ministry of Education, Department of Relief & Rehabilitation,Ministry Of Industries and others. The full list of hacked sites can be found here.

Filipino hackers retailite by hacking more chinese sites : #cyberwar

The cyber war between hackers from China and the Philippines continues: Filipino hackers take down more chinese websites.

Hackers from "PrivateX" and"Anonymous#OccupyPhilippines" took down more Chinese government sites in retailation for hacking the website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) .

List of hacked sites:

"We bow down to no enemyHold your line, stand your groundOne by one we'll take you down"The defacement message reads.

"You may continue bullying our country's waters but we will not tolerate you from intimidating our own cyber shores. Those defacements are just a mere response to what you have initially started. We are not trying to start anything. We are just trying to tell you that we do not want to be bullied in our own cyberspace too"

Philippines government sites faces cyber attack from Chinese hackers

Philippines under cyber attack: The official website of the Department of Budget and Management(DBM),sites of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Philippine National Police and Department of Foreign Affairs became the latest victim of a cyber attack by Chinese hackers.

The Department of Budget and Management(DBM) site was defaced Wednesday afternoon and quickly taken down by administrators, according to Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

"Our initial findings indicate that all important data in the website remain intact. We are at present conducting a security audit on the site, which will remain offline until the audit has been completed and the necessary repairs are made. In addition, we have yet to establish the true identities of the parties or individuals responsible for the attack." the statement reads.

The hackers placed a Chinese flag on the defacement along with a caption announcing it was “Hacked! Owned by Chinese Hackers?!”

"How come a small bitch border country are overconfident? And Challenged to Our Chinese Super Hacker?” A warning was also displayed: “Don’t Trouble Chinese, Don’t Play with Fire." The defacement message reads.

Meanwhile , the The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and the Department of Foreign Affairs faced distributed denial-of-service attacks. The site of the Philippine National Police displayed an index of the site's contents instead of the normal content.

The official from the Philippines government told local hackers to stop the cyber attack on Chinese sites because it could lead to other more serious conflicts that would not benefit the country. It seems like no one told Chinese hackers to stop , so their continuing their attack.

Anonymous Philippines fight back ,defaced Chinese websites

Filipino hactivists have hacked and defaced a number of Chinese websites in retaliation for the defacing of the University of the Philippines (UP) website.

"Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines" attacked the China University Media Union site, replacing its homepage content with a digitized image of a Guy Fawkes mask, which symbolizes global protest hacking group Anonymous. Their message: "Chinese government is clearly retarded. Scarborough Shoal is ours!"

The Asiaone reports that hackers broke into a Chinese government site,, and posted a map of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

"You got fucked by the Philippines! Spratly Island Is OURS!," Hackers wrote.

Hackers also hacked the following Chinese sites:,,, and

More than 150 Indian sites hacked by PCP Hackers :#OpFreeKashmir

Pak Cyber Pyrates(PCP) Hackers have hacked the more than 150 Indian websites as part of the Cyber War on India. Hackers defaced 161 Indian sites, according to Cyber War News report.

The full list of hacked sites can be found here:

"Govt. Of India Its Time To Tell the Truth To All Innocent Indian Peoples...
They Don't The Truth Behind Your Illegal Occupation In Kashmir.. You Keep Them Blinded That Kashmir Is A Part Of Baharat But In Real Situation Is Different!!!" Hackers said in the defacement page.

"You Killed Many Innocent Kashmiris In The Name Of MUJAHIDDIN. Your Army Imprisoned & Killed Many Mens And Childrens Who Protest Against Brutatilty & Stood Up for The Freedom Of Kashmir. Raped Many Innocent Women For Their Desires & After All This You Think Kashmir Is A Part Of Baharat. We Don't Think So!!!

We Have Some Questions That
Does It Bring Anything To You???
Did You Do The Same In Your So Called Country
Did Your Religion Give Permission For All The (SINS) You Are Doing In Kashmir???
Killing Innocent People Holding Stones In Their Hands And Are Not Harming You???

According To UN Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947 as the Muslim counter weight to
India's Hindu population.
Predominantly Muslim Kashmir to the
north of both countries was divided
between them, with India dominating two-thirds of the region and Pakistan
one third. A Muslim-led revolt against
the Hindu ruler triggered a build-up of
Indian troops and an attempt by India
to annex the whole in 1948,
provoking a war with Pakistan, which sent troops and Pashtun tribesmen to
the region. A UN commission called for
the withdrawal of both countries'
troops in August 1948. The United
Nations brokered a cease-fire in 1949,
and a five-member commission made up of Argentina, Belgium, Columbia,
Czechoslovakia and the United States
drew up a resolution calling for a
referendum to decide Kashmir's
future. The full text of the resolution,
which India never allowed to be implemented, follows. Resolution of the Commission of
January 5, 1949 The United Nations Commission for
India and Pakistan, Having received
from the Governments of India and
Pakistan, in communications dated 23
December and 25 December 1948,
respectively, their acceptance of the following principles which are
supplementary to the Commission's
Resolution of 13 August 1948:

1. The question of the accession of the
State of Jammu and Kashmir to India
or Pakistan will be decided through
the democratic method of a free and
impartial plebiscite;

2. A plebiscite will be held when it shall
be found by the Commission that the
cease-fire and truce arrangements set
forth in Parts I and II of the
Commission's resolution of 13 August
1948 have been carried out and arrangements for the plebiscite have
been completed;


(a) The Secretary-General of the United
Nations will, in agreement with the
Commission, nominate a Plebiscite
Administrator who shall be a
personality of high international standing and commanding general
confidence. He will be formally
appointed to office by the Government
of Jammu and Kashmir.

(b) The Plebiscite Administrator shall
derive from the State of Jammu and
Kashmir the powers he considers
necessary for organizing and
conducting the plebiscite and for
ensuring the freedom and impartiality of the plebiscite.

(c) The Plebiscite Administrator shall
have authority to appoint such staff of
assistants and observes as he may


(a) After implementation of Parts I and
II of the Commission's resolution of 13
August 1948, and when the
Commission is satisfied that peaceful
conditions have been restored in the State, the Commission and the
Plebiscite Administrator will determine,
in consultation with the Government
of India, the final disposal of Indian
and State armed forces, such disposal
to be with due regard to the security of the State and the freedom of the

(b) As regards the territory referred to
in A.2 of Part II of the resolution of 13
August, final disposal of the armed
forces in that territory will be
determined by the Commission and
the Plebiscite Administrator in consultation with the local authorities.

5. All civil and military authorities
within the State and the principal
political elements of the State will be
required to co-operate with the
Plebiscite Administrator in the
preparation for the holding of the plebiscite.

(a) All citizens of the State who have
left it on account of the disturbances
will be invited and be free to return
and to exercise all their rights as such
citizens. For the purpose of facilitating repatriation there shall be appointed
two Commissions, one composed of
nominees of India and the other of
nominees of Pakistan. The Commission
shall operate under the direction of
the Plebiscite Administrator. The Governments of India and Pakistan
and all authorities within the State of
Jammu and Kashmir will collaborate
with the Plebiscite Administrator in
putting this provision into effect.

(b) All person (other than citizens of
the State) who on or since 15 August
1947 have entered it for other than
lawful purpose, shall be required to
leave the State.

7. All authorities within the State of
Jammu and Kashmir will undertake to
ensure, in collaboration with the
Plebiscite Administrator, that:

(a) There is no threat, coercion or
intimidation, bribery or other undue
influence on the voters in the

(b) No restrictions are placed on
legitimate political activity through out
the State. All subjects of the State,
regardless of creed, caste or party,
shall be safe and free in expressing
their views and in voting on the question of the accession of the State
to India or Pakistan. There shall be
freedom of the press, speech and
assembly and freedom of travel in the
State, including freedom of law ful
entry and exit;

(c) All political prisoners are released;

(d) Minorities in all parts of the State
are accorded adequate protection;
(e) There is no victimization.

8. The Plebiscite Administrator may
refer to the United Nations Commission
for India and Pakistan problems on
which he may require assistance, and
the Commission may in its discretion
call upon the Plebiscite Administrator to carry out on its behalf any of the
responsibilities with which it has been

9. At the conclusion of the plebiscite,
the Plebiscite Administrator shall
report the result there of to the
Commission and to the Government of
Jammu and Kashmir. The Commission
shall then certify to the Security Council whether the plebiscite has or has not
been free and impartial;

10. Upon the signature of the truce
agreement the details of the fore going
proposals will be elaborated in the
consultations envisaged in Part III of
the Commission's resolution of 13
August 1948. The Plebiscite Administrator will be fully associated
in these consultations; Commends the Governments of India
and Pakistan for their prompt action in
ordering a cease-fire to take effect
from one minute before midnight of 1
January 1949, pursuant to the
agreement arrived at as provided for by the Commission's Resolution of 13
August 1948; and Resolves to return in the immediate
future to the Sub-continent to
discharge the responsibilities imposed
upon it by the Resolution of 13 August
1948 and by the foregoing principles.