Paypal President David Marcus credit card gets hacked

David Marcus, Paypal president is to be the latest person to fall victim to credit card fraud.

Marcus said on Monday that his Credit card data were compromised. The cybercriminals made several fraudulent transactions using the obtained information.

Marcus points out that his card using EMV technology which is being touted as a more secure system than magnetic stripe.  But that didn't stop the cybercriminals.

It seems like he did not want to waste this opportunity, he used this incident to promote his company's security benefits.  He said this breach would not have happened, if the merchant accepted Paypal. 

"Obfuscating card data online, on mobile, and now more and more offline remains one of PayPal's strongest value props." he said in twitter.

Paypal is claimed to be more secure and doesn't share card data or bank account details with merchant.  But, we reported that a hacker reportedly manipulate a paypal employee to get the last four digits of a card.

Hackers breached Restaurant Depot's POS network again & accessed credit card info

Hackers once again breached the Point-of-Sale(POS) network of Restaurant Depot, New York based wholesale supplier. The hackers managed to steal credit and debit card details from the card processing system they use in some of their stores.

 The company discovered the security breach on December 4th 2012 when thier customers had experienced credit card fraud after they used their cards at some of our stores.

They hired Trustwave on December 6th to investigate the intrusion. After the investigation, researchers determined that the intrusion first started on Nov 7th 2012. Researchers are still in the process of identifying all the details and are continuing their investigation.

The company notified all the major card brands and provided information about potentially compromised accounts.

"To protect yourself from possible fraudulent charges, you should contact officials at your card issuer immediately by calling the toll-free number on the back of your card or on your monthly statement, tell them you have received this letter, and ask them to cancel and reissue the card. " The official notification reads.

"You should also closely review your credit /debit card statements if you used your cards at one of our stores between November 7th and December 5, 2012. You should immediately notify the bankor financial institution that maintains the card account of any unauthorized charges. "

This is not the first time the company experiencing the security breach , in the 2011, Russian hackers hacked into Restaurant Depot database and accessed the credit and debit card details of more than 200,000 customers.