Chinese Huawei allegedly hacked into Indian state-owned Telecoms company BSNL

Parliament of India was informed on Wednesday that the State-owned Telecoms Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL)'s network was allegedly hacked by a Chinese Telecom equipment maker Huawei.

"The government has constituted an inter-ministerial team to investigate the matter."Killi Kruparani, Minister of State for Communications and IT, told the Lok Sabha.

According to reports,  the engineers of Huawei allegedly hacked a BSNL's mobile tower in Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh in October 2013.

India has launched an investigation, the investigation team is comprise of top officials from National Security council Secretariat, Intelligence Bureau, Union home ministry and BSNL.

It is worth to note that BSNL has offered a major part of its network expansion tender to another Chinese company ZTE in 2012.  The goverment suspects it might be the "inter-corporate rivalry" between these two chinese companies.

Huawei India denies allegations of hacking BSNL's network, said it will continue to work with Indian customers and Government and ready to help in addressing any network security issues.

Philippines Bureau of Immigration(BI) arrests 17 Chinese CyberCriminals

The Philippines Bureau of Immigration(BI) has announced the arrest of 17 Chinese Cyber Criminals wanted for Online Fraud and Cyber Crimes in China.

Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said that the suspects , 15 of which are women, have been arrested in Makati City as part of an operation conducted by elements of the BI fugitive search unit.

The alleged CyberCriminals were identified as Cai Hong Ji, Mei Li, Huan Huan Yu, Si Meng Liu, Jiang Yang, Wenjie Yan, Ruicen Yuan, Zhi Ying He, Ning Zahang, Qian Shi, Liu Jan Wen, Chen Yan Ling, Peng Yuan Yuan, Ling Min Zhang, Zhou Xiao Yun, Chen Qing E, and Guo Yan.

According to BI report, the arrest come after the Chinese embassy request the BI to help them in capturing cyber criminals who fled to Philippines to evade arrest by Chinese authorities.

“All of them could not present their passports and travel documents, thus we will deport them for being undocumented and overstaying aliens,” the BI chief said.

Philippines News Agency site hacked by Chinese Hackers

The website of the Philippines News Agency(, the Philippine government's news wire service, was defaced by Chinese hackers.

The hackers defaced the site home page with an image of a Chinese flag and a message that the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal belongs to China.

"Huangyan Island belongs to China,what power you have said is you?... Tolerance is not possible, no need to endure," the defacement message reads. Also ,hackers left their website URL and email address on the defaced page.

Hackers claim the PAGASA site hack is just for fun

A Hacker call himself as "Net user! broke into a Philippine government website and claimed the breach was only for"fun."

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration site was defaced with a text message "Hacked by Net user! Just fun a fun!".

Another line on the defaced page indicated the hacker's supposed email,

According to Solar News report, Initially, the index page had its default presentation defaced by elements with red colors with Chinese characters written on it.

Philippines government sites faces cyber attack from Chinese hackers

Philippines under cyber attack: The official website of the Department of Budget and Management(DBM),sites of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Philippine National Police and Department of Foreign Affairs became the latest victim of a cyber attack by Chinese hackers.

The Department of Budget and Management(DBM) site was defaced Wednesday afternoon and quickly taken down by administrators, according to Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

"Our initial findings indicate that all important data in the website remain intact. We are at present conducting a security audit on the site, which will remain offline until the audit has been completed and the necessary repairs are made. In addition, we have yet to establish the true identities of the parties or individuals responsible for the attack." the statement reads.

The hackers placed a Chinese flag on the defacement along with a caption announcing it was “Hacked! Owned by Chinese Hackers?!”

"How come a small bitch border country are overconfident? And Challenged to Our Chinese Super Hacker?” A warning was also displayed: “Don’t Trouble Chinese, Don’t Play with Fire." The defacement message reads.

Meanwhile , the The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and the Department of Foreign Affairs faced distributed denial-of-service attacks. The site of the Philippine National Police displayed an index of the site's contents instead of the normal content.

The official from the Philippines government told local hackers to stop the cyber attack on Chinese sites because it could lead to other more serious conflicts that would not benefit the country. It seems like no one told Chinese hackers to stop , so their continuing their attack.

Anonymous Philippines fight back ,defaced Chinese websites

Filipino hactivists have hacked and defaced a number of Chinese websites in retaliation for the defacing of the University of the Philippines (UP) website.

"Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines" attacked the China University Media Union site, replacing its homepage content with a digitized image of a Guy Fawkes mask, which symbolizes global protest hacking group Anonymous. Their message: "Chinese government is clearly retarded. Scarborough Shoal is ours!"

The Asiaone reports that hackers broke into a Chinese government site,, and posted a map of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

"You got fucked by the Philippines! Spratly Island Is OURS!," Hackers wrote.

Hackers also hacked the following Chinese sites:,,, and