Anonymous Paraguay hacked National Electricity Administration (

The hacker group Anonymous Paraguay hacked into the official web page of the Paraguay's National Electricity Administration ( and defaced it.

The defaced page presents a Matrix background , over which is the image of a Paraguayan flag with Anonymous logo instead of the National Shield and the words "UNLOCKER_PARAGUAY_SECURITY" above.

The defacement message blasts Canadian miner Rio Tinto Alcan, which he calls "a multinational that has been stripped of its wealth to other peoples of the world, and in Paraguay is about to settle" and accused of funded "civil wars and has managed innocent deaths in other lands and now wants to settle in the hands of the de facto government."

"Rio Tinto Alcan has the same responsibility that these parties that conducted the parliamentary coup, and thus betrayed the will of the people," reads the text.

The message adds that, in protest, the "hackers" decided to temporarily block the site because ANDE "lend themselves to the authorities of this multinational foul play."

"No peace will this government and the judiciary while burning indigenous schools as they did in Yva Poty in Curuguaty " In his Twitter account @ AnonsParaguay, Anonymous said.(translated)

*Update* Hackers still have control of their server. You can see the defacement page here: