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About e Hacking News [EHN]:
E Hacking News[EHN] is recognized as one of the leading Information security news portal with more than 77,000 fans in Facebook and over 40,000 followers in Twitter.

EHN is part of Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation

EHN delivers the latest news updates related to Security breach, Cyber Crime, vulnerability, Cyber Security and Penetration testing tools and more.

EHN gave media support to several international Security conferences including NullCon, ClubHack, OWASP Asia, Hack in Paris, and more.

The mission of EHN is spreading cyber security awareness.  EHN is specially dedicated to educate Internauts and make them to feel safe & secure in Cyber space.

Sabari Selvan R


Dhruv Paliwal, a Student-Journalist studying at Asian College of Journalism. A Manchester United fan and an explorer at heart, I like experiencing new stuff in life. Writing for me, has been a hobby for the past decade now. I like to read lots of material to supplement my writing.

Nandita jha, a Computer  Engineer and student studying in Asian college of journalism, chennai. Loves to travel and interacting with people.

Esha Banerjee, Perfectionist.Trainee journalist,ex-chemist,bibliophile, interested in football |convergence of art,science and technology,start-ups.

Pratibha Rawal, a political person. She loves writing and dancing. Pratibha wants to be a voice of the voiceless and stand up for the under-privileged.

Ananya Sundaray, An avid reader who loves traveling, cooking and dancing. With a secret sense of humor and wit, she loves making people laugh. She aspires to remain an enthusiastic and keen to learn individual all her life.