Two Russian Spies detained in Netherlands and deported to the Russian Federation

In Netherlands at the beginning of the year, two Russian Spies were detained and deported to Russia on the way to Switzerland.

According to the media, two Russian Spies went to Switzerland to gain access to Spiez laboratory which helps to investigate chemical attacks in Syria and poisoning in Salisbury, which occurred in early 2018.

Moreover, the Russian hackers carried special equipment for penetration into computer networks. But they wouldn't be the first to try to hack into the lab's system. This laboratory has been attacked several times by hackers.

According to the Dutch newspaper "Handelsblad", this incident happened early this year, but the exact date of the detention of Russian spies is unknown.

The special services of the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain detained Russian hackers. However, it remains unclear why the Russians were released and not brought to trial in the Netherlands.


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