Amazon To Share User Payment Data With Indian Government

Amazon, one of the world's largest E-commerce company has stated that they may start sharing payment data of its users with the Indian government authorities and enforceable agencies.

 According to its privacy policy listed on the company’s website: "We may be required to share the aforesaid information with government authorities, regulators and/or agencies for the purposes of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offenses. You agree and consent for APIPL (the company that houses the payments business) to disclose your information, if so required under the applicable law”.

However, customers need not worry as it is not going to harm any user until they are using Amazon Pay for legitimate transactions.  This policy means that if any of the agencies come to know about any illegal fund transfer on the Amazon Pay, then the government agencies can ask Amazon to share the information with them.

Amazon has a same digital wallet in their parent country, United States as well, but the disclosure norms are totally different.  In the US, they have to inform the public about how many data sharing requests have been received from the government agencies and in how many cases the information has been shared. The details of the questions have to be also disclosed.

But, there is no such kind of setup in India as of yet.

"This is in keeping with the regulatory requirements under the license granted by the RBI to Amazon Pay. Compliance with local laws and regulation is the top priority for us in all the countries we operate in," Amazon spokesperson told.


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