PUBG Ransomware Hostage Until You Play A Game

Once a malware enters into computer systems, it locks down all the files until users pay a hefty ransom amount. But,  a new malware locks infected computers’ files until they launch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a popular game is commonly known as PUBG.

This malware was first discovered by MalwareHunterTeam, and BleepingComputer reported it. The malware is called "PUBG Ransomware," and it decrypts all your files if you play the game.

According to the reports of BleepingComputer, "when the PUBG Ransomware is launched it will encrypt a user's files and folders on the user's desktop and append the.PUBG extension to them. When it has finished encrypting the files, it will display a screen giving you two methods that you can use to decrypt the encrypted files."

After encrypting all the files and folders on the user’s desktop, then it posts a message on the screen that reads, “PUBG RansomwareYour files, images, music, documents are Encrypted!Your files are encrypted by PUBG Ransomware!but don't worry! It is not hard to unlock it.I don't want money!Just play PUBG 1Hours! Or Restore is [ s2acxx56a2sae5fjh5k2gb5s2e ].”

The users can easily decrypt all its files and folders within 3 seconds after launching the game, not the full hour claimed in the message. Another way to decrypt the files is to simply enter the "s2acxx56a2sae5fjh5k2gb5s2e" code into the program and click the Restore button.

The malware expert Lawrence Abrams wrote that the malware is not too advanced and does not check for other information to confirm that the game is actually being played.

The scariest part is that it is not clear how a user gets afflicted with this malware. But, this not the first time when a ransomware has been created that requires you to play a game before files will be decrypted. 

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