Used routers new tool for hackers!

Top cyber security experts claimed to have discovered yet another gang of hackers, who keep deploying hacked routers in the personal computers to be connected to internet. At the end of an extensive research, the experts of the famed Kaspersky say the hackers started striking since they managed to get access to the entire operation system of the targetted computers to keep working in at least a dozen of countries. These gangs of hackers often resort to the MikroTik-developed routers as the tool known as ChimayRed as disclosed by WikiLeaks last year making the cyber security more vulnerable. Research is in progress to ascertain the modus operandi of the hackers to infect the targetted systems. The researchers keep concentrating on the MikroTik developed routers where the hackers are believed to have fitted a questionable code. It would, however, be ascertained why the hackers have used the routers only developed by the Latvian firm to compromise the mechanism. But why the hackers prefer the MikroTik-developed routers? The experts have the precise reply. According to what they observe, the cyber cafes, mostly in the developing nations, deploy these routers in view of its growing popularity. The researchers at Kaspersky have yet to ascertain whether the routers fitted in initially are prone to Slingshot attacks. But they have reasons to jump into a conclusion that initial infection has been taking place in the MikroTik developed routers. But MikroTik keeps clarifying that the technique are no longer useful for the purpose in the recent versions. To top it all, the routers---used once might provide the hackers a tool to attack the computers with an access to the Internet.

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