The app that traps Facebook users

Facebook users, mostly, have become the common targets for the hackers these days and if these are not properly looked into in this stage, the things are set to go from bad to worse.

The victims keep receiving some mysterious messages from fake Facebook accounts, mostly, in the name of women bearing soft and sober names which initially don’t seem fictitious. A victim is asked to download a specified application for exclusive chatting which is said to be uncharitable. A victim confessed to have downloaded spyware as Kik Messanger app before he came to learn the entire nefarious network.

When he lodged complaint, the experts discovered the spyware to prove beyond doubt that the Kik Messenger app was fake indeed.

Only after handling a few cases, the experts got wind of many people being trapped in the Tempting Cedar Spyware, a mechanism devised by the hackers to pilfer the details of contacts, SMS, and photos, call logs and what not. Further, it is used to trace the movements where all sounds and conversations get recorded on every passing moments.

The experts have concluded that the clues suggest that the hackers who might have deployed the Tempting Cedar Spyware are Lebanese. As of now mobile anti virus provider like Avast, preferably, can firmly deal with the new menace.

The gang of hackers is believed to have been remaining active for the last three four years targeting the Android phones in some selected areas of their operation, mostly in the Middle East.

But, the experts find reasons to believe that the hackers keep infecting the system in Israel albeit many victims hail from US, Germany, France and China.

Need of the hour, now, is a slew of strictures to firmly deal with this threat to be enforced by the cyber security agencies.


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