Series charge: Google facing fine in India

Even before it faced fine by the European Commission, Google felt the heat of a set of complaints for misconducting its dominance in India forcing the search engine to pay fine at the instance of a regulatory body.

The complaints of misconducting its dominance in the country against the global tech titan were five year old which left the rivals in dire straits forcing the Competition Commission of India to levy the fine.

Initially, in 2012 Bharat Matrimony leveled an accusing finger against the search engine to be followed by a consumer protection group with the allegations of the same nature.

Later, the Competition Commission of India confirmed the complaints and asked the tech giant to pay fine for abusing the dominance.

CCI observed that the biased search operation by Google put its rival business in high and dry forcing the largest search engine to examine the complaints along with the CCI concern.

After a thorough probe, CCI confirmed the authenticity of the 5 year old complaints against the search engine and asked it to pay fine.

Google, however, said it has been devising new mechanism to live up to the users' expectations.

Now the search engine is not in a position to escape the fine to the tune of 5%of what it earns a year in the country, which does not a matter for the tech titan.

Notably, Google had to pay a huge $2.7bn; £2.1bn to the European Commission last year for allegedly promoting its own shopping services.

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