Ransomware available for free on dark web

Researchers discovered a new Ransomware as a service threat available in the dark web with free of cost without any registration.
Instead of distributing the malware and infect the computer, malware authors are earning money by selling their malware via ransomware as a service cybercrime business.
In this case usually, ransomware developer host their services in dark web and anyone can buy it and they can change their own modification such as ransom amount, ransom notes.
Apart from this, some sophisticated ransomware having some advanced functions such evasion techniques to avoid detection and analysis also users will be provided a control panel to control each and every infected victim.
Buyers just need to set up their vault address and they need to customize it then later they will spread the malware.
So once infect victims paid the ransom amount then the percentage of the amount will deliver both buyer and the malware author who create this ransomware.

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