Misconfigured Ai.Type Virtual Keyboard Database Exposes 31 Million Users' Personal Data

Researchers have discovered a mis-configured MongoDB database purportedly belonging to Ai.Type, a startup that designs and develops iOS and Android personalized keyboards, leaked information for more 31 million users.

The companies entire 577GB database was accidentally exposed to the public which allows anyone to browse through data, download information and delete stored data.

After looking into the leaked data, researchers saw data which seemed to be information such as full name, client phone number, location details, phone IMEI number, SMS number, user languages enabled, android version, emails, links associated with social media profiles, photos, country of residence, IP address and ISMI number.

Upon further research, over 373 million records were taken from user’s phones and over 750,000 records were obtained from a folder named “old databases.” The text entered on the keyboard was recorded and stored on an unprotected server.

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