The cyberwar between the US and Russia will not happen

The Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called accusations of espionage by the American media directed to the Kremlin and "Kaspersky Lab" "absurd, baseless and unsubstantiated".

At the beginning of October the U.S. editions The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post reported that the Russian authorities allegedly used the modified software of IT companies to search for secret documents around the world and to spy on US.

On this week The New York Times has complemented such story reporting that the US intelligence officers have heard of the theft of documents from Israeli colleagues who allegedly managed to hack the internal network of "Kaspersky Lab" and find evidence that the Kremlin really hacked the NSA.

Also, in July the US Government prohibited government Agencies using Antivirus Kaspersky for security reasons.

In addition, Bloomberg reported that "Kaspersky Lab" was developing a special technology for the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) and was sending to FSB all information about hackers.
"Kaspersky lab" denies cooperation with special services.

The head of Group-IB Ilya Sachkov commented at a press conference CyberCrimeCon/1 on one of the most discussed news in the world.

According to his opinion, the cyberwar between the US and Russia is unlikely, because it will lead to terrible consequences, to the catastrophe. He hopes that all countries understand this. Moreover, he does not believe in the development of the cyberwar with the participation of Russia.

Sachkov noted that product will not to become the goal of a cyber attack, if it is released in small volume and is not popular. "Import substitution does not increase security," he added.

- Christina


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