Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data Using Russian Antivirus Software

Hackers working for the Russian government stole details of how U.S penetrates into foreign networks and defends against cyber attacks after a National Security Agency's contractor took the classified material home and put it on a personal computer, according to Wall Street Journal report.

The newspaper published the story on October 5, in which they cited multiple unnamed individuals with knowledge about the theft. According to the paper,  the employee had taken the classified material to their home to work on his personal computer apparently his use of Russian antivirus software Kaspersky enabled hackers to detect some sensitive data. Once the hackers pointed out the machine, they obtained a significant amount of data.

However,  the Russian company Kaspersky has denied any kind of involvement in the theft, which occurred in 2015, but was discovered last spring.

The infosec firm’s founder, Eugene Kaspersky, called this allegations “like the script of a C movie."

Mr. Kaspersky denied all allegations against his company's active role in any kind of breach, “We never betray the trust that our users put into our hands. If we would do that a single time that would be immediately spotted by the industry and our business would be done.”

Meanwhile, the NSA declined to comment on the breach. 

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