All Yahoo accounts were compromised in 2013

Yahoo says all of its 3bn accounts were compromised by 2013 hacking attack, contrary to what company previously said last December that only 1 billion accounts were affected by the hacking incident.

Last December, Yahoo which is now part of Verizon Communications, said that data of about 1bn yahoo account holders were compromised by hackers in 2013 attack. Yahoo said it will alert accounts that were not alerted before about the incident. They have also updated account security page.

“It is important to note that, in connection with Yahoo’s December 2016 announcement of the August 2013 theft, Yahoo took action to protect all accounts. The company required all users who had not changed their passwords since the time of the theft to do so. Yahoo also invalidated unencrypted security questions and answers so they cannot be used to access an account,”

The hack has been costly for Yahoo and its executives. Company's top lawyer, Ronald Bell, resigned from the company and Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's former CEO, had to give p her 2016 cash bonus.

There were 43 consumer cases against Yahoo with Securities and Exchange Commission.

After the hacking incident, Verizon in February lowered its original offer by $350m for Yahoo assets.Verizon finally paid $4.48bn for Yahoo's core business.


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