The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs detained a Hacker group who stole money through phishing

Official Representative of Russian MIA Irina Volk said that the investigators received information about unknown persons, who were creating phishing websites - completely copying the appearance of popular payment systems and air ticket services.

Hackers used phishing websites to steal money from Bank accounts and from online wallet of the citizens.

According to the MIA, phishing websites allowed hackers to obtain payment details of large number of victims nationwide and to make unauthorized money transfer to pre-arranged Bank accounts.

The leader of the group was detained in Kazan(largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.). In particular, he bought the credit card, which were used for the withdrawal of the stolen money. Another hacker created software codes and scripts, made server administration and maintained work of phishing websites. He was detained in the Krasnodar region.

During the searches, computers with the software tools, which were used to carry out criminal activities, and Bank cards were found and seized. Criminal proceedings were instituted under article 272 ("Illegal access to computer information") and 158 ("Theft") of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Detainees were arrested by a court decision and made a confession statements.

- Christina


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