28M accounts of Latin American social media website hacked

A Reddit-like social media website in Latin America,  Taringa ha suffered a massive data breach which affected more than 28 million registered account users.

A data breach notification website,  LeakBase was the first one to get their hands on the database. And after scanning the database, it was revealed that total 28,722,877 records were stolen from the site which includes usernames, email addresses, and their passwords hashed with MD5 algorithm.  

Hackers were able to hack 100% records from the site. But it is still unclear how LeakBae got to hold on the database, and who was behind it. 

Taringa has confirmed about the data breach in their security notice. According to them, it happened on 1st August, but hackers were not able to access phone numbers and Bitcoin wallets addresses.

“We suffered an external attack that compromised the security of our databases and the code of Taringa,” the notice said.

The users are now being advised to change their passwords. 

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