Youngster from Kostroma stole dozens of Skype accounts

Young man from Kostroma(Kostroma is the administrative center of Kostroma Oblast, Russia. A part of the Golden Ring of Russian towns.) found a way to profit from stealing Skype accounts.

As we know, you can put money on account to be able to call, for example, from abroad. Hackers can steal the money by  withdraw money from the accounts.

Last autumn 20-year-old resident of Kostroma Oblast downloaded a virus program (possibly a Remote access trojan).  Using the malware, he stole dozens of skype credentials from people around the world.

He decided to sell access to the accounts and the virus for hacking Skype accounts. The law enforcement officers found out about it. So, case officer came to meet the young hacker. He paid about 4.5 thousand rubles to buy all the data.

The criminal proceedings were initiated. The court had issued 1.5 years of community service works with withdrawal 10 percent of the wage against young hacker.

- Christina


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