US intelligence official's private email hacked

The private Gmail account of a  U.S. intelligence official has been hacked by a hacker calling himself by the pseudonym Jonnie Walker, Foreign Policy is reporting.

On Tuesday morning,  the hacker allegedly hacked emails from the unnamed official's account and then they sent out a mass email to an unknown number of recipients threatning that they have a trove of confidential emails of a senior US State Department official, who was working on the Russian hackers.

According to the Foreign Policy, “The U.S. State Department officer’s email has been hacked,” the email stated. With this mail, they also attached a trove of personal emails belonging to a Gmail account of the official.

However, the US State Department has neither denied the emails leaked by the hacker nor confirmed it.

"The Department of State is well aware that malicious actors often target email accounts of government and business leaders across the United States. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss specific attempts or incidents," a spokesperson for the State Department said.

While, the hacker claimed to have included the contacts of the other intelligence officials, including those with the CIA.

Although the Department of State has not disclosed the identity of the intelligence official due to security reason.

 "He's probably the top intelligence guy in the entire US government in Russia. He knows more than anybody about what's going on there," said one unnamed source.

A cyber-information operations expert, Jon Nichols said that "Clearly Russia would be interested in hacking a Russia expert."


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