Qatar crisis; Hackers target Al-Jazeera

The Qatari-owned news organization, Al Jazeera news is facing off a  off a massive cyberattack. The news organization says that their website and media network are currently “undergoing systematic and continual hacking attempts.”

Although the nature of attack is still not clear, but one researcher has observed that the issues has been traced in US-based DNS servers. However, the network  refused to comment.

“There were attempts made on the cybersecurity of al-Jazeera but we are combatting them. These attempts are gaining intensity and taking various forms,” said a senior employee.

The Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook  were also attacked, although there is no sign of any data compromise.

This attack came just after when Saudi Arabi, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cutt off all diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar. This situation has sparked a war like situation in middle east.


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