The Ministry of Communications proposes not to let Russian traffic abroad

Reports about new initiative of the Ministry of communications and mass media of the Russian Federation. The new initiative is described in detail in the project "Digital economy" that was already sent for approval to the concerned Department. The authors pointed that currently the majority of Russian traffic is transmitted through foreign countries, and this is big mistake, because the traffic can be sniffed abroad.

So, in the chapter "Information security" of project of the "Digital economy" stated that the share of domestic traffic of the Russian segment of the Internet, transmitted via foreign servers, should be reduced to 5% by 2020. That is, 95% of the traffic should remain inside country. The document also specified that nowadays this indicator is equal 60%, and to achieve by 2025 a rate of 5% would clearly not succeed.

Experts of the telecommunication market explained that today the major points of routing Internet traffic are Frankfurt, Stockholm and Amsterdam. The reason is very simple: the price of connecting to the network is seven times less than in Russia due to high competition in these countries.

Internet-ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev, explained that the 5 % threshold linked to routing traffic in some areas of the country, because connection to the network is only possible through abroad in some parts of Russia. In particular, such situation is observed in Kaliningrad. At the same time in a press-service "Rostelecom" explained that the 5% threshold need for backup route for data.

Also, representatives of "Rostelecom" said that the change in routing will not be big problem for Russian providers, because it will be inexpensive, and to fulfill the requirement of the Ministry of communication, will be easy.

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