FAPMC of Russia has blocked popular Chinese messenger WeChat

May 4, 2017 the Number of banned sites in Russia increased by another messenger ( Vchat, Zello, BlackBerry Messenger, Imo and Line were already blocked). This time Chinese messenger WeChat was banned in Russia, it has a monthly audience about 890 million people.

Regulatory Authority reported that more than two dozen IP addresses and working domains of WeChat, and services Tencent (developer of messenger) were blocked.

Spokesperson of Regulatory Authority Vadim Ampelonskii explained the reason for the blocking service was not the failure of Tencent to transfer servers to Russia, the reason was the failure of the company to provide register data of organizers of information.

According to the law "organizers of information distribution" are considered as "persons carrying out activities for implementing information systems and (or) programs", which are used for "reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing of electronic communications of Internet users". Such definition includes many web services, the owners of which are required "to inform the Federal Executive body responsible, in carrying out the control and supervision functions in mass media, mass communications, information technologies and communications fields, the initiation of activities."

It is possible to find list of companies and resources already registered as organizers of information distribution, on the website "RublackList" (https://reestr.rublacklist.net/distributors/).

It is not difficult to notice, this list still consists mostly of Russian services, while foreign companies are reluctant to provide information to Regulatory Authority and to commit to collection and storage metadata of users. Now many people believe that blocking of WeChat – this is clear signal to other market participants, including the creators of Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so on.

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