Hackers from Russia and Canada accused of hacking Yahoo: US Justice Department

The US Department of Justice accused hackers from Russia and Canada for hacking Yahoo back in 2013, reported March 15 Bloomberg.

An unnamed source provided the data which shows that there are four suspects- three from Russia and one from Canada, involved in defacing the Yahoo. While the Canadian hacker has already been sent to custody.

The US Ministry of Justice claims that all the suspects are members of the same hacking group.  The United States believed that they hijacked the Yahoo's users data three and a half year ago.

 In August  2013, hackers hacked the Yahoo database and stole the personal data of the users like names, phone numbers, passwords and other confidential information. The interesting fact is that the company got to know about the leakage of such a large data after a long time.

Earlier, at the end of January, it became clear that the Federal Securities Commission and the USA Stock Exchange are jointly investigating the breach at the Yahoo.

The first major hack happened back in 2013 which affected more than one billion people, and then again in 2014 the company suffered a data breach.

In  September 2016, the company reported major hacking.

 After the Verizon Corporation took over the Yahoo, all members of the management committee announced plans to retire. 

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