Two members of the hackers group "Humpty Dumpty" pleaded guilty

Two members of the hacker group "Humpty Dumpty" has been pleaded guilty for illegally using the computer information in the Moscow City Court,   reported RT (Russia Today).

Constantine Teplyakov and journalist Valdimir Anikeev were the two convicts, and they confessed their crime.

On 9 February, the Moscow City Court rejected the complaint against the extension of an arrest of one of the suspect, Alexander Filinov. As court considered the extension as the lawful.

According to the previous reports by IA REGNUM, the Lefortovo court of Moscow has withheld the arrest of accused journalist, Anikeev, until March 8. He is a prime suspect of illegally obtaining the important data by interception of correspondence of high-level Russian official, and then selling and publishing it.


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