Russian hackers of US election created a new Apple Malware

A Russian hacking group who allegedly hacked the emails of the  US Democratic National Committee are now believed to have  now created a malware to hit Apple's Macintosh computers and operating system.

The hacking group, APT28, who are backed by the Russian government, are also known by different names like Fancy Bear, Sofacy, among other labels. They are active since the mid-2000s.

According to Romanian security software company Bitdefender, APT28 have released a new Xagent malware that helps the hackers in creating backdoors in Macs, and through which they can easily steal browser passwords, grab screenshots and nab iPhone backups stored on the computer.

"Currently we don't know what are the targeted organizations, but the links to the APT28 cybercrime group are obvious: The use of the same dropper/ downloader and similar command and control center URLs, as well as sine artifacts hardcoded in the binary files," Bitdefender said in a press release.

APT28 has carried out attacks around the world, but their main victims are  US, Western Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, Georgia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.


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