Berkeley's Financial System hack might affected 80,000

UC Berkeley's Financial System (BFS) was hacked by unauthorized person or persons in Dec 2015, now the officials had  started sending  alert notices to approximately 80,000 current and former faculty, staff, students and vendors.

There is no evidence with the college that the hackers got hold or accessed, acquired or used any personal information. But still the officials are informing potential  victims so that they can avoid any possible misuse of their information and take advantage of credit protection services the campus is offering free of charge.

UC Berkeley has informed both law enforcement, and FBI about the hack.

The BFS is used for all financial management,  purchasing and most non-salary payments in the campus.  The  potential victims include about 57,000 current and former students; about 18,800 former and current employees, including student workers; and 10,300 vendors who do business with the campus.

“The security and privacy of the personal information provided to the university is of great importance to us,” said Paul Rivers, UC Berkeley’s chief information security officer. “We regret that this occurred and have taken additional measures to better safeguard that information.”

The campus is providing one year of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, along with resources to assist everyone who is connected with any kind of financial transaction with UC Berkeley.


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