ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN malware, a new worry for Android

Downloading apps from third-party stroes could be a risky affair as it contains a malware  ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN, which spread through these types of unofficial app portals.

Android has documented the  dangers of installing Android apps from outside the Google Play Store, but still many users continue to download apps via third-party.

Trend Micro company's Mobile App Reputation Service discovered the new malware  targeting Android devices.

ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN has bundle of legitimate applications. Once you download and install the app, it loads the libskin, which contains an exploit that gives the malicious app absolute power over your device.

The malware ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN uses two other files, fp.dex and fx.dex, which download and install other apps and also show unwanted ads.

This app also collects the information like subscription IDs, device ID, language, network type, a list of active apps, network name, and many other more of all the infected users, and send it to a remote server where the attackers are building a database of infected devices.

Trend Micro says" it spotted these malicious apps in third-party stores like Aptoide, Mobogenie, mobile9, and 9apps. The company informed each one, but they claim none responded to their emails."

India has the most users with infected ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN.


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