Mexican teenagers charged with cyberattack on Enfamil website

Three teenagers in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, have been charged with cyber attack on the Enfamil baby formula website.

Sylvain Jones, 16, Sergio Velasquez, 15, and Joshua Van Gilder, 17; students of V. Sue Cleveland High School attracted the interest of the FBI and Secret Service. Police have filed cases of criminal acts of computer abuse and conspiracy.

Police said the boys used a school computer shortly before the summer break for the purpose.  The high school authorities launched an investigation on May 20 after they came to know about the cyber attack from the Secret Service.

According to the school reports submitted to the police, the three students sent vulgar messages on the Enfamil website during their robotics class.

They told the school officials that they decided to harass people on the Enfamil live chat site, as in hopes of getting a reaction or weird reply. According to the school report, the harassment started from May 13 and continued till May 18.

Enfamil, then, blocked their access to the website. In retaliation, the boys asked other hackers to bombard the site with messages by hacking the hacker website with a personal device.

According to the district report, the students were identified by their login information.

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