Cyber Criminals stole Rs. 7 Lakh from Delhi's CP store

As cyber security experts say, banks websites, mobile apps are on the hackers’ hit list. Two recent net-banking fraud cases have shown how the hacking attack has been increasing in India-based banks’ websites, mobile applications and online services.

Recently, hackers transferred the money Rs. 7 lakh from the account of a retail outlet in Connaught Place to accounts which belong to Salman Khurshid and Rebecca Estees. Similarly, in the other incident, the salary accounts of more than 23 employees of software major, Infosys, in several cities across the country were hacked and money siphoned off.

According to the both of the organizations, many of their customers had complained about the online fraud.

In the first case,  victim, Archna Haksar,  whose account has been hacked and money transferred to accounts, received four missed calls from a number (971100****) after which her SIM was deactivated. When she activated her SIM again, she received the messages informing her about the transactions from her account.

It is believed that the hacker first hacked her SIM to get into her net banking account and created two beneficiaries to transfer the money.

In another case with Infosys, the every salary accounts have shown that several online transactions that were fraudulent and in most cases police refused to entertain complaints.

“Most of the employees who faced the problem were recruited in the August, 2011 batch of the company’s Hyderabad office to be later deputed to other places,” an employee told The Hindu. "While in some cases the fraudulent transactions took place in close succession, in a span of a few minutes, in other cases money was drained out over 24 hours. In my case, the first transaction took place in the third week of May and I reported the same. My account was drained of cash within the next 24 hours.”

Both of the cases of bank fraud were done through online transactions. And fraud cases are increasing.

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