BitStamp hacked, users are receiving spam mail containing malware

BitStamp which is said to be largest Bitcoin Exchange, has been breached and users are receiving spam mails containing a link to malware file.

BitStamp yesterday gave a warning to its users about a new phishing attack and urged users to ignore all emails with the subject "Bitstamp trading will be suspended for 24 hours".

A few days back, a BitStamp's user reported in reddit that he received a malicious email pretending to be from MtGox which asked to him to download a document saying "please sign the papers attached.  The malicious link given in the email led to page which distributes a malware with the extension '.pif'.

The user suggested that BitStamp mailing list might be compromised by attackers.  The attackers also appear to have sent spam mail pretending to be from BTC Guild and Eobot.  

BitStamp confirmed to owner of BTC Guild 'Eleuthira' that its mailing list has been compromised by attackers.  The security breach was reportedly happened before two weeks.
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