Turkish State Railways and Contractors Association websites hacked by RedHack

Turkish State Railways(TCDD) has been targeted by one of the world famous Turkish hacker group "REdHack".
The group breached the TCDD website and managed to compromise information and documents.  The group has leaked a zip file(20MB) which is allegedly containing data stolen from the organization.

The hackers also attacked Turkish Contractors Association website(tmb.org.tr) and leaked the compromised data.

"They know how to do construction , but do not know how to make the site secure .. Ten million of their money back if any of the people in the imperialist haydur RedHack there! People Redhack for hacking since 97 .." Hackers posted(translated) next to the username and password data leak.

In a separate tweet, the group also said they have infiltrate the email systems of AKP ─░zmir headquarters and leaked emails which are allegedly represents act of corruption.

The group also identified a HTML injection vulnerability in the tbmm.gov.tr and injected their message. 
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