TeaM Madleets wesbite hacked by ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC)

The infamous Pakistani hacker group "Team Madleets" official website has been hacked by another hacker group known as ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC).

Hacked pages:

"Cool, we are not against madleets or any other team, but when we someone tryna act like they 'Own The Scene' with much arrogance, starts praising and greeting Indians, insulting groups/people who hack for cause like us 'The ZHC' & starts yelling about not to hack indians and they are our friends?" The defacement message reads.

"Its surely something to react too..So you thought we don't make difference? and ZHi is over? lol. btw we don't involve in cyber wars stuff like that, nor we will nor we are a rivarly skiddy group, but this was due for a long long time. "

However, Team Madleets claim that their website is not actually hacked.

"I recently got access to a Domain registry and was thinking to DNS changed it to and Since I got busy in my personal life, I forgot about it that I had left both b0x1 and b0x2 pointing to our old server. That server had then gone expired and some other guy bought that server with our old server I.P.  " one of the admin said in their forum.

"Since that server was not ours anymore, those which were hungry to take down MaDLeeTs got access to that server and defaced our b0x1 and b0x2 DNS names making others think MaDLeeTs servers got hacked :mad: "

Team Madleets is best know for its DNS hijacking attacks.  They have defaced several high profile websites including Google Malaysia, Google Kenya and more via DNS poisoning.  The group also hacked several other websites including Daily Mail forum.

Jew few days back, the group also hacked into the Indian actress Poonam Pandey and Pop singer Daler Mehndi websites.

Mirrors of the defacement is here:
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